I am later than usual because my phone has been ringing all morning.  So many opportunities have opened up for me and it is happening all at once. I joined a solar farm to get my electricity from and I am in the process of adding a Mini-split Heat Pump both of which should lower my heat from the $600 a month I had to pay this past winter.  If your lives are anything like mine, decisions need to be made after much researching and the mind needs to step up and coordinate with the heart so the right decisions are made.

This is today’s wisdom and Daily Quote from Abraham and how apropos it is.

When you manage to stay connected to your Energy stream, you always win. And you know what, somebody else doesn’t have to lose for you to win. There is always enough.

Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 2/2/97

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

A friend of mine sent me this link about the Schumann Resonance.  It has much information about the energy we are experiencing and much of what is to come. I need to warn you about a link “Q drops” that is in this message because I clicked on it to see what it was all about.  I had never even heard of them.  It is not a virus but do not open while you are eating.  Once you see it, it will stay with you and also give you a good example of how we humans are just manufacturers for the greed of others. We are just human lab rats to those in power.

I do not wish to end this newsletter with such energy so I am going to give you a link to Kryon who has the greatest and latest news concerning humanity.  This talk will make you feel good and give you a lot of hope for our future.  Are you over 40?  This is for you. Open your mind because this is late news and it is about time we know it and accept who we actually are.

Can you imagine who we used to be.  We can be that again and this message is so unbelievable.  It is amazing  that all those people would take their time to honor our country .  We need to be on the news so America will take heart and be proud of what we have accomplished with other countries.  This should be in all of our history books so our children could have a glimpse of what America is all about.

I wish to end this newsletter with something that will make you smile. A Feel Good Moment.  The Evolution of Awareness: A conversation with Neale Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



I know I am sending this newsletter out later than usual.  Would you like to hear why?  The Full Moon must be orchestrating this because I couldn’t plan this good.  I was supposed to go somewhere with my son after I sent this out. I got up early so I could get send this to you in a timely manner.  He called at 9am and said he was going back to bed and he would call me this afternoon.  It is softly raining outside, a perfect day to take a nap.  I was suddenly so sleepy so I decided to lie down and take a short nap.  My naps are usually 15 minutes or so. I woke up two hours later which was quite a surprise to me.  I made myself a cup of coffee and suddenly realized I had an appointment with the owner and manager of a beef farm to purchase my beef.

Before I found this organic, grass fed, no antibiotics,etc.,  I could not eat beef.  My body simply would not digest it.  This farm was a life saver for me and I get all my beef from this cattle farm which is about 15 minutes away; River Rock Farm on 5 Bridge Road in Brimfield, Ma. It is run by a husband, wife and two little girls.  The farm had two new arrivals, calves, in the last few days.  One is doing great but the second one is not doing so well.  The mother of this calf is a brand new mother and does not have the supply of milk the calf needs and the calf resists being fed by the bottle. Charlie Sayer, the owner, told me today that the calf is doing better but she is not out of the woods yet.  Any good energy you can send would be greatly appreciated.  It is a miracle to have any family willing to do all the hard work necessary to keep their farm afloat.  Please send some loving energy to the owners and with the intent of having more of these farmers survive financially. If you would like more information go to:

Today is 7/7/17.  I have not found any info on it but I bet there is some meaning behind all these sevens.  There is a powerful full moon on Sunday 7/9 and we are already feeling the effects of it.  Emotions will be heightened so practice taking deep breaths as I am sure the *s—* will hit the fan. With the news media hyping up everybody, be a calming influence wherever you are.  Your energy is in your presence and you spread it wherever you are or wherever you go.  BE AWARE of how powerful your presence is.

Becoming aware of awareness by Eckhart Tolle.  This gives more clarity on what we are thinking or should I say not thinking.

Capricorn Full Moon Intensity from Dana Mrkich is very eye opening and has a calming influence with its data. It also coincides with what happened to me today.  How about you?  How is your day going?

This is an audio preview of: The Rise of the LightWorkers, 2017-2024.  It carries both a healing frequency and an informational message.

You just never know what a police officer will be called to do. And….they just jump in without taking into consideration the harm that could happen to them personally.   We are so fortunate to have these officers taking care of us and our needs.

Speaking about helpers, check out this helper. It never ceases to amaze me just how one’s viewpoint can change with age, including my own. Perhaps I will consider making out a bucket list.  Do you have one?

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy Father’s Day to each dad and all father figures!

Happy Summer Solstice, enjoy the longest day of the year.

Whew,  I can finally go outside without wearing my white pants and white jacket with a shower cap on my head.  The caterpillars of the gypsy moths have been hanging not only from my tree but my house, my roof, my garage etc. After having 4 separate incidents of finding a caterpillar in my home and on me, I surrendered to wearing that white clothing 3x a day to feed the Baltimore Orioles so that I could easily spot them and take the clothing off before coming in the house. It seems that now, they might just be entering the cocoon stage.

I have one tree that I hang all my bird feeders from and from which I get shade for my deck.  The caterpillars have put holes in its leaves but it is not completely decimated so I am very grateful that my son, Steve put up a barrier around the tree where the caterpillars could not get back up the tree once they came down.

Mother Nature has been allowing me to have symbols of what is happening in the world right in my own front and back yard.  These caterpillars are symbols of the fear that is rampant on our planet.  The squirrels that have been eating the grape jelly I put out for the Baltimore Orioles and knocking down my feeders are symbolic of the other countries who have been victimized by hunger and lack of everyday essentials.  I found out the squirrels have been nursing their young so they have needed more food than usual and there is a food shortage that is applying across the board. All nature seems to be extremely hungry as I notice all the birds and animals scrambling for more food and they are eating substances they don’t normally eat.

Everything went back to normal for a few days when another something seemed to be attacking the feeders but not eating the jelly or nectar.  I started to put the jelly feeder under an empty planter at night  that I turned upside down.  It worked for a couple of days then I got up one morning  and whatever animal it was, it had gotten under the planter and put it awry but the jelly was not completely eaten. If it was a raccoon,  that was the second time it did damage but did not eat the jelly.  Later I found out that the hummingbird feeder with the nectar had been knocked down and was on the ground.  I decided that I would put BOTH feeders in the garage on hooks at night as I did not want the ants to get in them. Perhaps I have a mischievous human animal at work.

These occurrences remind me of the back and forth of truth in our political system.  We keep thinking we have the solution and another problem pops up.  I feel sorry for the birds as they have to wait until I get up and put their food out whereas it was always there for them before. Puzzles and questions are the norm of the day.  The solution is to breathe, pause and know that it will all sort itself out.

On the other side of the equation, I have had wonderful weather the past two days where I can open my windows and actually hear the birds sing.  It is a treat for me to open up (truth) as in the winter I am keeping the cold out and in the summer, I am keeping the heat out. It certainly is wonderful to have a respite from both extremes and feel free to breathe and be outside with all of nature (including the ones that are challenging you). Be grateful for the time in-between the episodes of challenge. How is the energy expressing in your life?  Each time you notice it, send a love bomb to whatever or whoever is challenging you. That beautiful energy cannot be resisted.

Many people are feeling vulnerable right now. It’s normal to be experiencing confusion, overload or disbelief at the world at large. Check out this message from Lee Harris.

This is the second time Jupiter has come into my awareness.  I am not familiar with its energy and actually never even thought about it before.  It is good to feel its energy and know what it brings us….a little breathing space.

Do you know anyone with tumors?  This is such good news that I wish to spread it around.  We are our only advocate and we can advocate for others who are not aware.  Knowledge is power and you don’t know WHAT you don’t know. If the ill knew, they would be advocating this information for themselves.

I would not have believed that a human body could do this and so quickly too.  I am glad the video was able to show it to me.

Teachers, be aware of the power you hold.  Can you spread thismessage and have it go viral so many more children will be able to see this with their own eyes.  If you don’t know any teachers, you can show this to your child or grandchild yourself.

Can I give you just one more link?  There are so many good news stories that I am having a hard time narrowing them down.  I believe we need to know that we are one species on one planet.  Why are we fighting against ourselves?  LOVE is so simple and each one of can do something that eases the heart of another.

Love and Light

Mary Grace