Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.  My son Steve sent me this song and he even found one with the words in caption that he could copy and send which I found so ever useful.  Listen and see what you think.  This is in honor of all the men on this beautiful planet.

What do you think this baby is saying?  Perhaps Happy Father’s Day?  Smile.

I went to one of the first workshops given by Christine Day quite a few years ago.  There was much I did not understand then but this Pleiadian Broadcast opened me up to much more information and clarity.  I know there is a lot of information on the media and when I run across something new and I don’t quite agree, I tend to put it in the back of my mind, chew on it for a while and then eventually I run across an explanation that makes sense to me. Just from listening to her broadcasts, they make me want to go on her retreats. Maybe someday I will get to do that again.

This story made me smile and mostly at myself because it is such a reminder that ALL things happen in its right moment.  I love the reminders that Spirit sends me.  Will this remind you of a time when you had been struggling very hard to do or understand something and all of sudden, like a flash of light, the answer came?  I just noticed the new headline: Morning Jolt of Good News.  It certainly is that and done in such a truthful, humorous and kind way.

Have you ever wondered why God used to be thought of as only the Father?



Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and those who assume that role!

As a woman, I cannot fully understand fatherhood but I know it when I see it, or so I thought.  I finally realize that that when I saw affection between father and son, that it was the perfect expression of fatherly love. This article will bring new light to this subject and I hope you can let the light bulbs of recognition go off.

Today is a day that celebrates not only dads but families of which they are an integral part.  Here is an article from a mom who has allowed 2 men to adopt her son.

Speaking of dads and their roles in all of our lives, I had quite an eye opener with the Canadian Geese.  I have been watching them on my lake for 20 years or more but I never “noticed” what I saw the other day.  The swimming area is cordoned off by buoys and it makes a safe place for the children away from boats.  This particular morning, I happened to notice a lot of activity in this safe area.  There are 15 new baby geese and 6 new parents.  I can’t tell the male from the female but I know there are always 6 adults with the three families of geese.  When the geese are babies, the parents are wary of any other adults but as they grow, the families start to come together like in a community.

This particular morning, I noticed so many more adults with the babies and the adults kept taking turns in putting their head and neck down into the water and aiming themselves as a straight body across the water, then the wings flap a lot and fast.  Then I noticed the young ones imitating the adults and I realized that they were in basic training. They were being trained in offense and defense tactics.  ALL the adults were participating including those that were not the parents.  They were acting as a well-oiled community.  It made me realize that we humans don’t belong to communities anymore and I felt so sad.  Growing up in a small town, that was what I knew and now I am acutely aware that my grandchildren do not have that security.  Let’s bring back the communities. Families are so very important and every member is very important.

This is graduation time all over our country.  A very special message came from this young man. He had a brother who was his father figure.  Hooray for the men who  stand up  when needed.

Could you do this?  I can’t even bring the Rubik cubes to fruition let alone while juggling. Notice the father or father figure at the end of this effort.

Here is another story of an adoptive adult.  It made me smile. Check this STORY out and see if you smile also.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy Father’s Day to each dad and all father figures!

Happy Summer Solstice, enjoy the longest day of the year.

Whew,  I can finally go outside without wearing my white pants and white jacket with a shower cap on my head.  The caterpillars of the gypsy moths have been hanging not only from my tree but my house, my roof, my garage etc. After having 4 separate incidents of finding a caterpillar in my home and on me, I surrendered to wearing that white clothing 3x a day to feed the Baltimore Orioles so that I could easily spot them and take the clothing off before coming in the house. It seems that now, they might just be entering the cocoon stage.

I have one tree that I hang all my bird feeders from and from which I get shade for my deck.  The caterpillars have put holes in its leaves but it is not completely decimated so I am very grateful that my son, Steve put up a barrier around the tree where the caterpillars could not get back up the tree once they came down.

Mother Nature has been allowing me to have symbols of what is happening in the world right in my own front and back yard.  These caterpillars are symbols of the fear that is rampant on our planet.  The squirrels that have been eating the grape jelly I put out for the Baltimore Orioles and knocking down my feeders are symbolic of the other countries who have been victimized by hunger and lack of everyday essentials.  I found out the squirrels have been nursing their young so they have needed more food than usual and there is a food shortage that is applying across the board. All nature seems to be extremely hungry as I notice all the birds and animals scrambling for more food and they are eating substances they don’t normally eat.

Everything went back to normal for a few days when another something seemed to be attacking the feeders but not eating the jelly or nectar.  I started to put the jelly feeder under an empty planter at night  that I turned upside down.  It worked for a couple of days then I got up one morning  and whatever animal it was, it had gotten under the planter and put it awry but the jelly was not completely eaten. If it was a raccoon,  that was the second time it did damage but did not eat the jelly.  Later I found out that the hummingbird feeder with the nectar had been knocked down and was on the ground.  I decided that I would put BOTH feeders in the garage on hooks at night as I did not want the ants to get in them. Perhaps I have a mischievous human animal at work.

These occurrences remind me of the back and forth of truth in our political system.  We keep thinking we have the solution and another problem pops up.  I feel sorry for the birds as they have to wait until I get up and put their food out whereas it was always there for them before. Puzzles and questions are the norm of the day.  The solution is to breathe, pause and know that it will all sort itself out.

On the other side of the equation, I have had wonderful weather the past two days where I can open my windows and actually hear the birds sing.  It is a treat for me to open up (truth) as in the winter I am keeping the cold out and in the summer, I am keeping the heat out. It certainly is wonderful to have a respite from both extremes and feel free to breathe and be outside with all of nature (including the ones that are challenging you). Be grateful for the time in-between the episodes of challenge. How is the energy expressing in your life?  Each time you notice it, send a love bomb to whatever or whoever is challenging you. That beautiful energy cannot be resisted.

Many people are feeling vulnerable right now. It’s normal to be experiencing confusion, overload or disbelief at the world at large. Check out this message from Lee Harris.

This is the second time Jupiter has come into my awareness.  I am not familiar with its energy and actually never even thought about it before.  It is good to feel its energy and know what it brings us….a little breathing space.

Do you know anyone with tumors?  This is such good news that I wish to spread it around.  We are our only advocate and we can advocate for others who are not aware.  Knowledge is power and you don’t know WHAT you don’t know. If the ill knew, they would be advocating this information for themselves.

I would not have believed that a human body could do this and so quickly too.  I am glad the video was able to show it to me.

Teachers, be aware of the power you hold.  Can you spread thismessage and have it go viral so many more children will be able to see this with their own eyes.  If you don’t know any teachers, you can show this to your child or grandchild yourself.

Can I give you just one more link?  There are so many good news stories that I am having a hard time narrowing them down.  I believe we need to know that we are one species on one planet.  Why are we fighting against ourselves?  LOVE is so simple and each one of can do something that eases the heart of another.

Love and Light

Mary Grace