Glitches are still happening but as I go with the flow, I find new things to be grateful for.  Because of impending snow, I went out early this morning to get necessary things done.  I even skipped my prayers (I can do them later) and I did half my exercises before I left.   If I don’t do part of my exercises on an empty stomach, I get feedback so I had to do that part of my regimen.  I went to Ocean State Job Lot to return 2 items and I noticed that the motorized cart was not available so I was happy that I was not doing any shopping.  As I finished returning the articles, I noticed the color purple in the distance and the motorized cart had been returned so I just had to check that color out.  I hopped on the motorized cart and sure enough, they were 3 shades of purple nice heavy dorm pants.  I put them in my cart and since the lines were quite long at the registers and everyone was trying to get their shopping done before the snow starts.  I decided I would check out a few more things and when I went down the cereal aisle, I noticed that they had the GF old fashioned oatmeal.  I have not seen it at the store in 3 months so I know it goes fast and is hard to find.  Ocean State is the only store I know of that carries that GF organic brand so I bought the 3 cases and now I am all set for winter.

I get my beef from a local farm,  that has the best beef you can buy.  It had been 5 years I had not had beef until I stumbled on this find. It is raised without antibiotics and is free range as well as being dry aged beef.  You have not eaten a hamburger until you have one from this farm. I picked up my order early before snow could set in and I can’t wait to have a hamburger. I also had a prescription to pick up so that was my morning. Now, back to compiling my newsletter to you.

How many of you were aware that 12-21-17 was quite a powerful day. Not only was it the winter solstice but it was the culmination of some powerful energy that began months ago.  This talk given by Cari L. Murphy explains it much better than I can.  Cynthia Charis also gives a meditation that you will be happy you partook of.  It took my breath away and I can’t wait to listen to it again

Solstice Blessings to you SoulStars!
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“They called us down” is a song created for each of us by Lee Harris. I have never heard anything like this before and it resonated with such truth.  Please watch and listen.

Merry Christmas!  I want to now move over to good cheer and happy tidings.

I hope Aldi’s starts a trend for the other supermarkets.  There are such simple solutions to Mother Earth’s ability to feed humanity.

This video reminds me of all the faces of children and adults on Christmas morning. There is no way you can escape the  feeling of happiness deep in your soul when you look at this.  And to think many hearts will be so touched in just a few days.

Is this what you are  wishing for  at the end of Christmas Day?  Or maybe sooner?????







I know I am sending this newsletter out later than usual.  Would you like to hear why?  The Full Moon must be orchestrating this because I couldn’t plan this good.  I was supposed to go somewhere with my son after I sent this out. I got up early so I could get send this to you in a timely manner.  He called at 9am and said he was going back to bed and he would call me this afternoon.  It is softly raining outside, a perfect day to take a nap.  I was suddenly so sleepy so I decided to lie down and take a short nap.  My naps are usually 15 minutes or so. I woke up two hours later which was quite a surprise to me.  I made myself a cup of coffee and suddenly realized I had an appointment with the owner and manager of a beef farm to purchase my beef.

Before I found this organic, grass fed, no antibiotics,etc.,  I could not eat beef.  My body simply would not digest it.  This farm was a life saver for me and I get all my beef from this cattle farm which is about 15 minutes away; River Rock Farm on 5 Bridge Road in Brimfield, Ma. It is run by a husband, wife and two little girls.  The farm had two new arrivals, calves, in the last few days.  One is doing great but the second one is not doing so well.  The mother of this calf is a brand new mother and does not have the supply of milk the calf needs and the calf resists being fed by the bottle. Charlie Sayer, the owner, told me today that the calf is doing better but she is not out of the woods yet.  Any good energy you can send would be greatly appreciated.  It is a miracle to have any family willing to do all the hard work necessary to keep their farm afloat.  Please send some loving energy to the owners and with the intent of having more of these farmers survive financially. If you would like more information go to:

Today is 7/7/17.  I have not found any info on it but I bet there is some meaning behind all these sevens.  There is a powerful full moon on Sunday 7/9 and we are already feeling the effects of it.  Emotions will be heightened so practice taking deep breaths as I am sure the *s—* will hit the fan. With the news media hyping up everybody, be a calming influence wherever you are.  Your energy is in your presence and you spread it wherever you are or wherever you go.  BE AWARE of how powerful your presence is.

Becoming aware of awareness by Eckhart Tolle.  This gives more clarity on what we are thinking or should I say not thinking.

Capricorn Full Moon Intensity from Dana Mrkich is very eye opening and has a calming influence with its data. It also coincides with what happened to me today.  How about you?  How is your day going?

This is an audio preview of: The Rise of the LightWorkers, 2017-2024.  It carries both a healing frequency and an informational message.

You just never know what a police officer will be called to do. And….they just jump in without taking into consideration the harm that could happen to them personally.   We are so fortunate to have these officers taking care of us and our needs.

Speaking about helpers, check out this helper. It never ceases to amaze me just how one’s viewpoint can change with age, including my own. Perhaps I will consider making out a bucket list.  Do you have one?

Love and Light

Mary Grace