I know I have not spoken much about the stem cell procedure I had done but there has not been much to say.  I have not had any results yet and it has been 4 months.  In fact, Dr. Tortland who did the procedure has offered me an office visit free of charge to see if there is anything he can do to give me relief. I admire him for that as there was no guarantee it would work and it is not insurance covered so the payment had to come from me. I have an appointment on Monday and my thought is that I might be able to give him some information that might help someone else.

I have not given up.  I am determined to have free mobility and be free of pain and I know the solution is out there somewhere.  There has been so much advancement in new solutions and creations for everything under the sun.  I was astounded to see an article on Cannabis in the Good News Network daily email and it is on exactly that. Cannabis was a fantastic remedy in the early 1900’s for many of the ills that befell us humans. Then we pooh-poohed the idea as “medical” solutions came to the forefront and it was declared illegal.  You will be seeing many medical solutions from using Cannabis come to the forefront in the news.

This article is proving that the medical profession is already trying to imitate the benefits of this powerful plant.  It is trying to biosynthesize the phytochemicals in the plant to provide pain relief and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  My question is why not talk to the medicine men and women who still have all the ancient secrets about this phenomenal plant.  My next attempt to help myself is researching Cannabis to find the purest strain and see how that would help me.  Unfortunately there is and will be many imitations out there that are there just to make someone richer. Read this article and familiarize yourself with a “miracle” that was always here.  You or someone you know might need this information.

Have you ever considered what it would be like if we did not have to worry and fret about “TIME”. No one would ever be “late” again, this thought made me smile.

Who says there is no such thing as synchronicity?  Is it you?  Not I, life has taught me that the results of synchronicity is one of the greatest pleasures in life.  Surprises yes but it is so much fun to follow the dots.

Tom Hanks warms my heart as Mr. Rogers.  There are actually moments when I forget that it is not Mr. Rogers.  Tom Hank has such a gift of really absorbing the personality of those who he pretends to be.  I am so grateful that he shares this gift with us and I am looking forward to watching the movie.  I bet you cannot NOT smile.

Be kind to yourself, this article explains simply what is going on with each of us.

How many times have you said: I wish I could help.  What can I DO?”  Here is an opportunity to help yourself and others.  Join in with us as there is power in numbers.  Look at what just happened in Puerto Rico.  Perhaps we cannot gather to be seen but we certainly can gather to be “FELT”. The numbers do count and it starts with the number 1 which is you and also me and then it exponentially mounts up. At least, give it a read to see what is available.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Although you will be reading this on Friday, I needed to start this on Thursday because of a doctor’s appointment.  I was not aware that they have an arthritis center a few towns away.  My primary care doctor is a new doctor, only in practice about a year, and she sent me there.  It seems although I have had osteoporosis for over 50 years, the other doctors were content to just let me take pills or the last one which is a nasal spray.  I know it is difficult for a practicing physician to keep up with all the new medications and there is a lot to be thankful for their experience which she does not have yet I am grateful for the new experience of a brand new opinion into the mix.  I will be put on Prolia which is a shot twice a year and this medication actually increases your bone density albeit slowly whereas what I am taking now only maintains my bones. I am a little nervous about it as they even have you stay a half hour after you get the shot to make sure there are no problems. I am so grateful for my kinesiology (muscle testing) which confirms that it will be good for me.

Jarrad Hewett, an international #1 Best Author has a message for you and an opportunity to actually see how the light manifests.

If you enjoy what you hear and see, he is offering a free master class on abundance, the new digital book, and the new paperback about self-love, which ships out on March 12th.

You can check that out here. It’s free plus 6.95 for the shipping (just the book itself is 16.95 on Amazon, so this is a great deal and a great way to support yourself and really grow your own abundance and love):

Eckhart Tolle has outdone himself again and there is a lot of humor in this one.  Human beings do make us smile a lot, don’t they?

Beacons of Light, Steve Rother is offering a new paradigm for the masculine energy that is in both males and females. It gives a lot of food for thought.

Brenda Hoffman offers a down to earth and understandable reason why your actions are not creating the way they used to. It might make you a little angry but it gives you a way to try the new suggestion and see how it works for you.

This is good news.  Our Native Americans who used nature to heal and help their tribe knew way back in the early 1900’s that Cannabis was sacred and also powerful.  It was used in a sacred manner and with respect for its power.  NOW, it will finally be returned to the people.


 Love and Light

Mary Grace



Being away from TV and the computer for almost two weeks, I expected there would be changes.  My discovery is that I did not miss much and not much has changed.  There is still the tug of war going on in politics and globally between religious beliefs and countries.  How could I have expected things to be different when I already knew that we each create our own reality? I can only change my world or my way of looking at the world hoping to share peace and love with humanity which would then bring changes by each one of us embracing peace and love. Sometimes I forget that I am in control of only myself and think of myself as being small in affecting my surroundings.  It is each of our worlds interacting with other worlds that give humanity the power to create peace. It is our diversity that is the truth of our strength as one human does not hold all the answers or solutions to our dilemmas.  Humanity was created in this way so we actually need our differences to make the world strong in ALL ways. Together we can move mountains.

I was guided to listen to Matt Kahn on  Anchoring the Divine Feminine.  I don’t remember if I listened to it before but this time, it felt like the first time.  I was so touched and there was so much wisdom that I went back and listened a second time and hope to do it again. There are so many answers in this recording even though it is not the latest one he has done.

Wisdom from  Abraham  which Esther Hicks so bravely shares with us.

With the Opioid Epidemic escalating, we need to open our minds and change our programmed ideas on Cannabis (Pot, Weed). The Pharmaceutical Industry does not want to lose the profit from all the prescriptions for drugs that are out there now but we can make the change. Here is some knowledge of how Cannabis can help our addictions to narcotics whether prescribed or illegal. It is US, the regular people that are addicted which means if we change our minds or opinions, we can affect and help our country and planet. Do not depend on the fear that is being generated, you can affect society just by your thoughts and then your actions. WE humans are all connected and there are more of us regular folks than there are in the higher echelon. There is power for change when we join together both in mind and in action.

See what combining ideas and discoveries can bring to the planet without using any more of our precious land.  Normal folk are the  answer  to what we as a planet have been looking for.

This article explains much of what is happening and why.  It also gives you an idea of how powerful you really are.

Love and Light

Mary Grace