Being away from TV and the computer for almost two weeks, I expected there would be changes.  My discovery is that I did not miss much and not much has changed.  There is still the tug of war going on in politics and globally between religious beliefs and countries.  How could I have expected things to be different when I already knew that we each create our own reality? I can only change my world or my way of looking at the world hoping to share peace and love with humanity which would then bring changes by each one of us embracing peace and love. Sometimes I forget that I am in control of only myself and think of myself as being small in affecting my surroundings.  It is each of our worlds interacting with other worlds that give humanity the power to create peace. It is our diversity that is the truth of our strength as one human does not hold all the answers or solutions to our dilemmas.  Humanity was created in this way so we actually need our differences to make the world strong in ALL ways. Together we can move mountains.

I was guided to listen to Matt Kahn on  Anchoring the Divine Feminine.  I don’t remember if I listened to it before but this time, it felt like the first time.  I was so touched and there was so much wisdom that I went back and listened a second time and hope to do it again. There are so many answers in this recording even though it is not the latest one he has done.

Wisdom from  Abraham  which Esther Hicks so bravely shares with us.

With the Opioid Epidemic escalating, we need to open our minds and change our programmed ideas on Cannabis (Pot, Weed). The Pharmaceutical Industry does not want to lose the profit from all the prescriptions for drugs that are out there now but we can make the change. Here is some knowledge of how Cannabis can help our addictions to narcotics whether prescribed or illegal. It is US, the regular people that are addicted which means if we change our minds or opinions, we can affect and help our country and planet. Do not depend on the fear that is being generated, you can affect society just by your thoughts and then your actions. WE humans are all connected and there are more of us regular folks than there are in the higher echelon. There is power for change when we join together both in mind and in action.

See what combining ideas and discoveries can bring to the planet without using any more of our precious land.  Normal folk are the  answer  to what we as a planet have been looking for.

This article explains much of what is happening and why.  It also gives you an idea of how powerful you really are.

Love and Light

Mary Grace