I have never been a fan of snow, as you well know. Yet, after viewing what is happening in Texas, I have a new feeling of safety here in the Northeast as we are prepared for freezing temperatures and even lots of snow because it is normal for us in winter.  The areas that do not experience a real hardy winter are ill prepared for when it happens. Watching the news and weather reports gives me a new fresh look at how safe we really are.  Of course, we are not as prepared for tornadoes as other states that have shelters for when it happens in their state. Earth is certainly diversified; if you travel you can experience any type of weather you choose. My heart and prayers go out to all of humanity that are in unsafe areas right now. Watch this balancing act on the beach which I never thought possible. Perhaps we can use this as an example of how we could balance life on this planet and in such a beautiful way.


The Tenacity of trees.  We are learning more and more about the importance of trees.  I used to have a limited opinion like its leaves just convert our exhale into oxygen but there is so much more to trees.  Let’s admire the gifts that a tree gives and maybe, someday, someone will list ALL of its attributes on one page of paper or two or three pages. Check out these pictures and you will see the tenacity of tree life. Life in all of its forms is tenacious, including human life.


I have never seen the Northern Lights so I cannot appreciate this sight as much as if I had something to compare it to. There is so much in the world that one person cannot experience it all.  I am so grateful that I live in the days where the world is at our fingertips if only we have the courage to investigate the computer.  Check out this video, even the person taking it was astounded.

I would love to see this story go viral as all of planet Earth needs to see the example that has already been set.  All we need do is make sure our politicians see this.  Can you help?

Also add this. Maybe these videos will open some eyes as the example has already been set and the proof is in the pudding. All that needs to happen is for these proven efforts to be seen.

There are so many examples of human enterprises that work for the good of ALL.  I wish there was a way for all the decision makers to realize that the hardest work has been done and all that needs to be done is that the rest of this planet join in creating the results that we are all searching for. I know that you and I are only ONE voice each but multiply that by the amount of humans on this planet and it could be so quickly effective. How many people can you reach?

Love and Light

Mary Grace


Virus-free. www.avast.com



Although you will be reading this on Friday, I needed to start this on Thursday because of a doctor’s appointment.  I was not aware that they have an arthritis center a few towns away.  My primary care doctor is a new doctor, only in practice about a year, and she sent me there.  It seems although I have had osteoporosis for over 50 years, the other doctors were content to just let me take pills or the last one which is a nasal spray.  I know it is difficult for a practicing physician to keep up with all the new medications and there is a lot to be thankful for their experience which she does not have yet I am grateful for the new experience of a brand new opinion into the mix.  I will be put on Prolia which is a shot twice a year and this medication actually increases your bone density albeit slowly whereas what I am taking now only maintains my bones. I am a little nervous about it as they even have you stay a half hour after you get the shot to make sure there are no problems. I am so grateful for my kinesiology (muscle testing) which confirms that it will be good for me.

Jarrad Hewett, an international #1 Best Author has a message for you and an opportunity to actually see how the light manifests.


If you enjoy what you hear and see, he is offering a free master class on abundance, the new digital book, and the new paperback about self-love, which ships out on March 12th.

You can check that out here. It’s free plus 6.95 for the shipping (just the book itself is 16.95 on Amazon, so this is a great deal and a great way to support yourself and really grow your own abundance and love):


Eckhart Tolle has outdone himself again and there is a lot of humor in this one.  Human beings do make us smile a lot, don’t they?


Beacons of Light, Steve Rother is offering a new paradigm for the masculine energy that is in both males and females. It gives a lot of food for thought.


Brenda Hoffman offers a down to earth and understandable reason why your actions are not creating the way they used to. It might make you a little angry but it gives you a way to try the new suggestion and see how it works for you.


This is good news.  Our Native Americans who used nature to heal and help their tribe knew way back in the early 1900’s that Cannabis was sacred and also powerful.  It was used in a sacred manner and with respect for its power.  NOW, it will finally be returned to the people.


 Love and Light

Mary Grace



I did something yesterday that I haven’t done since 9-11.  I watched TV all day just to see for myself and rely on my own intuition of what was happening with the sexually assaulted woman and the nominated judge.  They were both very credible.  I believe that she was assaulted by these two young men so she is telling the truth.  And I also believe the judge because he was having black-outs from drinking but just doesn’t remember them.  Only God knows the real truth but let’s look at this situation with different eyes.  Neither of them wants the other to suffer, they have compassion for each other.  This is one of the most intriguing life lessons that I have ever witnessed.  Both of them achieved a goal that neither of them would have chosen to experience….but…..each of them received a gift by going through this trauma.  She was able to release all the emotions that she had stuffed down inside herself so she is now freer and so is her family.  He will make a much better judge for having been put in that position which most of the people who come in front of him have suffered.  He is now wiser to the condition of frailty that humans experience and therefore will be in a better position to judge others.  Let us not forget that both of them have gone through a sort of hell BUT they have both received much love and admiration not only from their family but from the public.  I thank both of them for participating in a drama that has deep meaning for me personally and for the whole of the human race.

Here is another opinion of what is really happening on earth; Sexual Healing of Mankind.


I believe in all the old time remedies because they are gentle on our bodies and work just as well.  This one I have never heard of before so it is a new remedy for me to even consider.

This is a brand new creation that is saving thousands and thousands of lives.  Who would have thunk it?  At a cost of $1.28?

Another huge step for mankind and another reason for us to be optimistic. We are all trying to stay here on an Earth that can sustain us. I, for one, do not wish to be in a rocket ship looking for another “Earth”.  Let’s take care of the one we have right now.

I laughed so hard at these attempts.  I could not have done as good or any better and now I smilewhen someone wants to cross the street.

Love and Light

Mary Grace