Although you will be reading this on Friday, I needed to start this on Thursday because of a doctor’s appointment.  I was not aware that they have an arthritis center a few towns away.  My primary care doctor is a new doctor, only in practice about a year, and she sent me there.  It seems although I have had osteoporosis for over 50 years, the other doctors were content to just let me take pills or the last one which is a nasal spray.  I know it is difficult for a practicing physician to keep up with all the new medications and there is a lot to be thankful for their experience which she does not have yet I am grateful for the new experience of a brand new opinion into the mix.  I will be put on Prolia which is a shot twice a year and this medication actually increases your bone density albeit slowly whereas what I am taking now only maintains my bones. I am a little nervous about it as they even have you stay a half hour after you get the shot to make sure there are no problems. I am so grateful for my kinesiology (muscle testing) which confirms that it will be good for me.

Jarrad Hewett, an international #1 Best Author has a message for you and an opportunity to actually see how the light manifests.


If you enjoy what you hear and see, he is offering a free master class on abundance, the new digital book, and the new paperback about self-love, which ships out on March 12th.

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Eckhart Tolle has outdone himself again and there is a lot of humor in this one.  Human beings do make us smile a lot, don’t they?


Beacons of Light, Steve Rother is offering a new paradigm for the masculine energy that is in both males and females. It gives a lot of food for thought.


Brenda Hoffman offers a down to earth and understandable reason why your actions are not creating the way they used to. It might make you a little angry but it gives you a way to try the new suggestion and see how it works for you.


This is good news.  Our Native Americans who used nature to heal and help their tribe knew way back in the early 1900’s that Cannabis was sacred and also powerful.  It was used in a sacred manner and with respect for its power.  NOW, it will finally be returned to the people.


 Love and Light

Mary Grace