This is the TIME to help the angels and archangels bring peace to yourself, your family, friends and the whole planet. This brings an expanded explanation of this beautiful mantra.


Would you like to join this movement for International Peace?  You can do it from home… anywhere you are.  You know that you are in charge and the angels and archangels cannot help until you ask or give them permission. YOU can help the angels and archangels bring peace to our beautiful planet.  They cannot do it without you.


This FREE broadcast was designed to help you release the energies of 2020 and embrace what’s to come in the year ahead. Come together with a community from all over the world, relish in the group energy and see what Lee and The Z’s have to say about what to expect in 2021.


Do you have a photographic memory?  You are much needed now. Imagine each city having its own person who can do what this person does.

This true story left me with my heart full of happiness.  This I wish to leave you with also. You just never know where you will have a chance to make a difference or when you will be called to make such a decision.

Love and Light

Mary Grace