Happy Mother’s Day to all the souls that care for others.

Something wonderful happened to me.  It is not new but it is being expressed in a different mode.  I did Svaroopa yoga for about 20 years with a very special studio.  The teachers were great and a big plus was the floor which was heated from underneath and felt so wonderful in the winter. After the situation which injured my knee, I still kept going because they could accommodate my special needs.  Eventually, it was too painful for me and it took a great deal of time for me to adjust to different postures so I stopped going.  It has been 5 years since I have participated and then I got an email from them.  Guess what?  They are beginning yoga participation with Zoom on the computer.  I was so excited as I could participate at my own speed in my own manner without slowing down my classmates.

I attended the first zoom meeting even if I was late as I kept trying to get into the meeting.  It was so wonderful to see Krishna again and all the others who he was leading to bliss.  His studio has all the blankets and other helpmates to ease each student into comfortable positions and since I had been a regular yogi, I had my own as well. In fact, I had just put everything away in the garage a month ago as I felt I would not be using them again. Do you think the Universe was laughing as I brought them all back in to the house?

My favorite of all that we do is Shavasana and Ujjayi breath at the beginning and end of every session.  I meditate every day but I go deeper when Krishna is guiding me. It was so peaceful and encouraging to feel that depth again. I live alone so it was quite heartwarming to be part of a yoga group again, there is so much comradery.  Krishna is also offering half hour sessions of just Shavasana/Ujjayi twice a week in the evening as well as regular Svaroopa Yoga classes at different times and this is all on Zoom as well as in their studio. Check it out online to see if this appeals to you. This is a different yoga than what you are familiar with.


May 2020 Ascension Energies with Light Language DNA Activation with Jayme Price.


Do you agree with this survey?  I know our world has been changed by the Corona Virus but will this be a possibility?

This sounds so great to do, could you do it?  I bet you could and you might find a lot of friends who agree.


Something as a reminder: What’s the RUSH?


Love and Light

Mary Grace



You are in my heart and I am sending you Energies of love and Light.  All of our teachers are attempting to ease the pain of being home bound and are stepping up to the plate to assist you.

A special message from Eckhart Tolle. Be Present.  Do not lose yourself in Fear.  A special guidance into your own consciousness and very calming.


A note from me: since our teachers can’t get gussied up for TV or the camera, you have an opportunity to see them in their human life form. For me, it brings them closer to me as I see them to be more like me than a celebrity.

After this calming episode with Eckhart, listen to Cheryl Richardson.  An opportunity to see her in her natural state of being human with some down to earth self-care steps tostay Sane and Centered.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



 Have you got Spring Fever yet?  I have and it feels wonderful.  Even if for a few days, I do not need to wear my winter coat or even a jacket.  It is joyous to see people out in shorts and t-shirts and all are smiling with the sudden warmth and the hint of what is to come.

 Thyroid disease is still a hidden disease and what a shame that is, because it is the precursor to so many diseases.  I have had a thyroid condition for 59 years now so I am familiar with every symptom and every attempt to normalize it.  From surgery, then to radioactive iodine and then to the need to take supplementation evey day thereafter.  It affects your whole body, your mind and your emotions.  Weight loss or gain, depression, osteoporosis, celiac, fibromyalgia,  etc.  When I saw this opportunity, I gave out a holler.  Perhaps after all this time, there is some new light that is being shone on this age old concern.  It is such a tiny gland shaped like a butterfly but it rules your whole body.  If you knew a secret that would heal all your pains and woes, would you check it out?  Here is the link to a FREE Adventure with 9 episodes (see below)

 Episode 1: Thyroid Disease Revealed— Thyroid disease is a hidden epidemic often missed by conventional medicine — but the truth is — you can start recovering your health today.

  • Episode 2: The Thyroid Misinformation and Misdiagnosis Machine— We reveal which myths leave people sick and helpless and how to avoid the rabbit hole of modern medicine.
  • Episode 3: Unknown Thyroid Therapies— Synthetic thyroid hormone has been the #1 prescribed drug the last 2 out of 3 years. But what if there is a better way?
  • Episode 4: The Truth About Toxins— We often come in contact with as many as 80,000 chemicals per day! Find out how our environment can lead to a toxic thyroid gland.
  • Episode 5: Healing Thyroid Disease— Headaches, fatigue, and upset stomachs shouldn’t be part of our everyday. What if healing started in your kitchen?
  • Episode 6: The Stress Sickness— Stress can keep us in a cycle of sickness. Find out why the adrenals play an important role in keeping us well.
  • Episode 7: Motherhood Interrupted— Thyroid disease can often cause fertility issues, but this episode reveals there’s hope at the end of the tunnel.
  • Episode 8: Healing From Within— Removing just one of these factors can reverse autoimmune thyroid disease. Find out your trigger now! 
  • Episode 9: The Thyroid Success Stories— We celebrate the success stories of thyroid patients who took back their health and share tips and strategies to empower you on your journey. Here’s to a bright future!

  Yes, there is a contest as part of this offer, but my ONLY wish and hope is that you connect with THE THYROID SECRET and see if it pertains to your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones. I hope that this will stop you from experiencing the same battle that I have lived with for 59 years.   YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW yet here is a chance to become familiar with the only gland in your body that controls your body, mind and spirit. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK.


 Here is something quite different but it has a very good feeling to it.  Aluna Joy has brought this through for us and I wanted to share it with you if it is something that interests you. It is The Diamond Peace Download and it is something we and our planet are in great need of now.


 This week is powerful and the next few days give us opportunities to release some old worn out energy and replace it with new energy.  With four planets in Aries and five in Pisces, this eclipse speaks of over-due endings and fresh starts

 If you are feeling anxious do this.

 Hymn for Standing Rock.  They stayed through thick and thin, summer and winter, won a reprieve and then were toppled again.  If they can do this, can you and I take a moment to listen to this hymn in solidarity even if the physical manifestations appear dire.  We can join together in spirit and these warriors will feel our love and support. I believe in miracles even if they don’t appear in this very moment.


Love and Light

Mary Grace