Oh no!  I did it again.  I am late again.  Please smile as I learned again to relax and go with the flow.  Since I was late because of physical therapy, etc. some videos became available for you that were not available earlier. Of course, I needed to listen to them first as I do not like to send anything to you that I have not checked out first.  Since 2019 is in only a few days, many seers are sending us their forecasts.  This one from Lee Harris is a very good one.  Please listen if you have the chance, you can even save it for New Year’s Day if that is better for you.

Of course, Jamye Price is one of my favorites and she adds a new delicious flavor to what we hope to experience. She has one word for us that will make 2019 a lot easier  to go through and also to have fun with as we allow ourselves to relax and see what the  Universe  has in mind for us.

You and I are filled with empathy, even as we do not recognize it.  I still have to remind myself to check where the emotions are coming from and that practice lessens the amount of time I am in them.  This is a very good explanation of where we as children started to blame ourselves for feeling the way we do.  Jim Self has one  word  that will explain and it is easy to remember.

I just love the ocean and all that it does for humanity.  Humanity though has not treated it as the treasure it is.  I was thrilled to read about this as it is the beginning of our ocean returning to its original creation.

Do you believe in miracles?  Here is one that is well documented so there is no reason NOT to believe.  Hurray.

Would you like to see a visual of another miracle of love?  Boy, did it express and expand the love of caring for the downtrodden as a symbol of creation in nature that is in every human.  Miracles  show up in the most unusual places.

I wish you a New Year of Miracles.  Love to you and yours.

Love and Light

Mary Grace