When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I ask myself is: What day is it? Then I decide whether I can roll over into a second chance to have a few more winks or do I need to get up right now. With this pandemic, there is not much to do or many places to go. Except for the first responders, the rest of us retirees are staying put. And…the daylight does not really begin until 7:30am.

This morning I woke up and suddenly remembered that today is Saturday and I never sent out my newsletter to you yesterday.  I started to giggle and a grin spread over my face.  How could I forget that yesterday was my newsletter day after writing it for the last 12 years on Fridays? I feel a little foolish but at the same time, this is not a catastrophe. I goofed and I am still smiling. I guess the seriousness of the world events including the health problems are just so much more important that I cannot condemn myself for slipping up. Soooo here is my newsletter.  Please smile with me.

Cheryl Richardson has questions that resonate with most of us. NO answers because each of us will need to answer for ourselves. It does feel good to know that you are not alone in your questioning.

There is a lot of “good” happening in the outside world but we do not hear a lot of it in the media.  This is such a wonderful happening and shows that humanity is acting for the good of planet Earth.

congressman and a homeless man … who gave with no forethought for themselves.  I could not choose between these stories so I am giving you the link to both. They are both heroes in my book.

Eckhart Tolle has a message for us.

I want to leave you with a reason to smile.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



This has been quite a week. Now you will know why this newsletter is later than usual, I needed to be clearing up today what I created yesterday. I have been doing Panache Desai’s Density detox and it has been less painful than I expected until yesterday. Panache had told us that it would be the hardest day of facing just what we wish to let go of. All week I have become aware of feelings that I wished to release and with his profound loving energy, he has made it much easier. I have had the opportunity to release the dependence I had on the possibility that a knee brace would release the pain of my bone on bone knee. I have been declared an unsuitable candidate for knee replacement surgery by two doctors. I was so looking forward to perhaps being able to go for a walk again or perhaps being able to take vacations or bus trips where I would be able to walk to see what was being offered. More pain and aggravation ensued as I kept trying to get “used” to the hinged brace. One night I thought I would have to call the ambulance as when I awoke with my full bladder, I could not walk to the bathroom without having to be completely bent over and hands on my knees, slowly getting there but not making it in time. The back pain was so severe that I was truly concerned. I decided to go back to bed and when I got up the next day, I still had the pain but not as severe and I was not bent over as much.

I am sure you realize that when the pain first began three days before, I stopped using the brace and when it subsided I tried again. I began with only an hour and a half of having it on around the house and then the next day I went on a short shopping trip to two stores where there would be minimal walking. In both stores, I had to go to the rest room to pull the brace back up and redo it as it would keep sliding down to my ankle even with four straps. The pain in my knee increased each time I wore it and it was designed to lift the bone off the other bone so with a space in between, the pain would be lessened considerably. I finally went to the place about an hour away where the technician could reassess and help. They came to the conclusion that this brace would not work for me and offered me one other brace that we hope will work. It is ordered and we will see how this one does. I have been dealing with knee pain for 11 years so with the detox, I was given another opportunity to welcome the challenge I am having and hopefully, the new one will solve the problem.

Yesterday as I was gathering all my tax receipts and info to fill out my income tax, I called the firm handling my IRA to get the amount of money I have to take out so it can be added to my form and I get to pay tax on it. When you are 70 and a half, you need to start taking a predetermined percentage of your IRA out of the total amount you have in there. There is a penalty if you don’t withdraw that amount by Dec. 31st. Guess what I had forgotten to do? You got it; I forgot to withdraw the amount I was supposed to. So I asked the firm what would happen now and how much penalty would I have to pay. I was told you need to pay 50% of what you did not take out. I was stunned and asked if there was a grace period and I was told they did not know. I called my tax person who was at a tax seminar learning the rules that apply to income tax (the rules are always changing).

The IRS had put a federal tax lien on me for 5 years due to my now ex-husband’s shenanigans 24 years ago. They had also withdrawn from my personal account the amount they claimed were the taxes that he had not paid. I had already paid through my payroll more than what I owed but he had gone bankrupt both personal and business wise so they came after me. The IRS was not willing to allow me me the Innocent Spouse claim and my tax person told me after fighting with them for 5 years that they were not listening to him. I went into prayer/mediation and I heard the word “Congressman”. I did not know what he could do but I know guidance when I hear it so I took all 5 years of correspondence and brought it to my Congressman. In 3 weeks I received a written letter of apology from the IRS (it is up on my wall) and my money back with interest. I was so pleasantly surprised.

So, I called my Congressman and the young man’ name who I spoke with has the same as my boyfriend before I met my husband. Synchronicity? It turns out that he carries his dad’s name but his dad is not the same person I dated. It made me smile as I know the Universe is always giving us messages and nudges. He was not able to answer my questions but told me to write a letter and what to include in it and he would try to help me. Well, no quick answers but I was aware that I was not as upset this time with the IRS and I KNEW that all would be taken care but I was not sure how. After all, if they can give a grace period for our taxes after April 15, why could I not get a grace period?

This morning I got a call my from my tax person who said not to worry, that she would include a letter with my tax return saying that I was always prompt with this procedure but simply forgot to do it this time and she was SURE there would be no problem, that the IRS would waive the fee. Guess what? The IRS is human after all.

Right after that call I got a call from my publisher, Author House, who published my book “The Wounded Chalice”. He wanted to help me sell more books and wanted more information. I asked why his predecessor did not give him all my notes and he mentioned that who I dealt with before was the marketing division but he was with the book selling division. I was not aware they had those divisions but I had been requesting from the Universe that I need a manager as I am willing to do what is necessary but cannot do what I don’t know to do. He is willing help me understand Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and he has many tips on how I can reach more people. I asked what it was going to cost me as there always has been a cost to getting any help before. He said his job is to help me and for now there would be no cost.

I am telling you these stories so you can see what 2015 is going to bring. Everything you are not ready to release will keep popping up until you welcome it and bless it. These are simply opportunities for us to release the baggage we are carrying so we can finally be free to be who we are. We will be able to bring forth the gifts that we carry within us for the good of ALL humanity. After all, we are all ONE, what helps you will help others. Isn’t that exciting?

Do you believe in Magic? I do and I believe in Miracles. You can see that although it may not be much fun to feel challenged the way I was challenged, Magic did happen and Miracles happened also. Believe and claim your own magic as it is there for you to see if you just take the time to be aware.

There seems to be a lot of info coming in that will help us in this year as well as tips and hints on how to navigate through it. This is one.

Here is another one with more details about full moons, new moons etc.

I know the news is not very pleasant to watch or hear these days. I watch it so I can send love and light energy to those areas that need it most. It can be daunting and sad at the same time. I got this email from Patricia Cota-Robles and tried to get a link to it but it is not on her website, at least not yet. It is too important not to share with you. It offers insights that will soother your mind and heart.

Je Suis Charlie – The Bigger Picture

by Patricia Cota-Robles

January 8, 2015


Millions and millions of people around the World are focusing their attention on the senseless and tragic shootings that took place in France this week. Contrary to the intent of the terrorists, the World has come together in a profound and unifying way.

This brutal act was an affront to Liberty, Freedom, Free Speech, and Peace. Now millions of people all over the Planet are carrying signs that say JE SUIS CHARLIE. This is creating a Collective Cup of Consciousness that is empowering the shift into Oneness and Christ Consciousness that has been building within Humanity, day by day, since the birth of the New Earth which took place December 21-22, 2012.


CHAR = The root word for HEART or LOVE, for example CHARITY

LIE = A derivative of LIER = TO BOND or LINK

Let’s take this opportunity to link our hearts with the heart of every man, woman, and child on Earth, so that the I AM Presence within each and every one of us will be able to accelerate the shift into Christ Consciousness that we have ALL been experiencing.

The Path of Divine Love is the Immaculate Concept for the New Earth. As we perpetually express Divine Love through our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life will become the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth. THIS IS OUR MOMENT! THE TIME FOR US TO ACT IS NOW!

God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization


FAX: 520-751-2981

Phone: 520-885-7909

Remember that you are the power; it is all in your hands and heart. This is a reminder of just what is needed for you to BE WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. Start with loving yourself, smile when you goof, like I did with my IRA and let your child come out to play. As a child, we had Walt Disney that kept the belief in magic alive. Even Jesus said:” Become like a little child”.….pdf

Love and Light

Mary Grace