Well, it is time for me to make a decision about my knee.  I have been gathering info and now I need to make a choice between two procedures and two Medical facilities.  One in Glastonbury, Ct and one in Portsmouth, NH.  One offers stem cell therapy using umbilical stem cells which is much easier to have as it is just one shot but supposedly has other ingredients like Growth Factor in it.   The other one offers using my own stem cells gathered by either my fat or bone marrow and is supposed to be more effective.  ????  My question now is which one do I succumb to.  They are both in the range of $5500 per knee with no guarantee or return policy. Insurance does not pay so I would need to foot the bill.  Would you perhaps know someone who has had stem cell therapy that would be willing to talk to me so my decision might be easier to make.  I know that Stem Cell Therapy is the new kid on the block so there are not many people who have had experience with it.  I really would appreciate any info you would be willing to share.  Thank you.

Here is another breakthrough in medicine concerning arthritis. I wish my body could hold out until this reaches the public but I want you to know the miracles that are right around the corner.

Matt Kahn really hits the spot with this one: You Are the Light.  He simplifies being human with humor that will make you giggle with the awareness of the truth.  Be prepared to at least smile as you recognize yourself.

Lessons From A Century After The Flu Epidemic Of 1918.  What did we learn from our past that might help with the present.

Good News from the Angelic Realm. I think I will watch and listen to this again. I want this news to sink deeply into my unconscious.

I wish I had sent this with last week’s newsletter but I had not seen it yet.  The 12-12 energies are still strong and viable.  It feels good to know we have a Mother looking out for us.

Do you have a cat or are you a bird watcher?  What a  simple idea  and I can see the birds grinning from ear to ear.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Have you put your air conditioner away yet?  I think this fall and winter weather is here to stay until next spring. I have forgotten how nice it is to sit in front of a window when the sun is pouring in.  It just brings such life to my body, mind and spirit.  I have not put my kayak away yet as I am hoping for al least one more jaunt around the lake .  We have been having quite a bit of wind and breeze and I am waiting for still waters and a few more degrees above freezing. All of us humans talk about the weather because it is the one thing we neighbors all have in common, we all share this with each other, and we can speak to even strangers with this topic.

After reading this article which I hope goes viral, don’t let anyone tell you that one person cannot make a difference.  I can just picture this going around the planet on social media.  What a difference it would make for many of our fellow humans.  The pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies that are making such a profit on helpless individuals should be red-faced. You and I and others like us, can make a difference.  Every time you and I spend even a dollar, it is a vote for the manufacturer of that product. How many times a week do you vote?  We do make a difference but we are just not aware of how we are enabling those that plunder the public for their own profit margin..

This is an example of true love of neighbor even when you don’t know them. I can honestly say I don’t think I could do what he did but the fact that he did it, is another great example of how one person made a huge difference.

Watch this video as it brings a new awareness of cows in Nepal.  It shocked me to see them on the highway and that fact is taken for granted. Another inspiring miracle achieved first by one person and then with help. I can’t even imagine starting any action such as this one.  It is huge.

This is who and what you are.

This week, all of these occurrences showing what one person can do are popping up for me to look at so that is why I am sharing them with you.  I think the Universe is trying to get this message out to everyone.

This video starts slow but hold on, there is a lot more to come.  I listened to this twice and I want to go back again to watch and listen.  While he is talking, it seems to make sense and I have AHA moments but afterwards, I know it is still not in my reasoning. This video brings some new ways of understanding.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



This has been a week of surprises, perhaps proof of letting go of control.  That is a hard one for me as I have been alone for 28 years so being in control is entrenched in my daily life. Not that I do not have assistance from family or friends but on a daily basis, all decisions are up to me.

In just one day, I received a call from the leader of a motor coach trip to The Sight and Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania which is presenting “Jesus” , a production which has taken three years in the making and involving about 650 individuals in all phases of its completion. It is a very memorable and moving play which reaches into your heart.  It also includes a deluxe motor coach tour of Lancaster, the Amish Country and Philadelphia. I have known about it for 3 months and have been trying to find a roommate to go with me.  No luck so I finally released all expectation and then I received a call from the leader offering me to share a room with her and her husband.  Mind you, I have never met her but it blew my mind that she and her hubby would do this for me.  I accepted gratefully and am eagerly awaiting to see the play that I have been told is FANTASTIC, even grown men are crying during this play.  I am sure that Jesus’ Love will be on full display.

Then, the same day, I received a call from a beloved  friend in Maine about our get together.  I was invited to take a trip to stay with him and his young son some time ago but we have had things happen that kept us from that happening.  We now have definite plans and I am eager to see them again. I have wanted to get to the ocean so they are going to take me which will make it all the more special.  Since I do not have a smart phone or skype, I am sure that young man has grown a lot since I saw him last.  Another wonderful surprise.

My deck is not easy to look at with all the peeling of the paint and the dirt that has accumulated.  I thought I had solved the problem with a recommendation of a person who would paint it.  After speaking to him and his visit to my home to see if he could do it, I waited and waited for a call, none came. Another friend recommended a person who suggested Trek for a new deck and I spent a lot of time deciding the material, the color, etc. and the last I heard from him was a month ago so I assumed he was no longer interested in doing my job.  Then another friend has me check out her deck that was painted two years ago with Deck Correct and it still had not peeled even in one spot.  So, I called the person who did it and he came and inspected my deck and was going to call me with a price. Evidently, the telephone Genie was hard at work again and I did not hear from him.  I did try to call him and his mail box was full??? After thinking that perhaps he did not want the job either, I called him again the next morning and left him a message that I was concerned for him as his mail box had been full.  He was not aware that I had not received his message with a price and assumed I had hired someone else??? With all of our means of communicating, why do we have so much trouble communicating easily???? We finally got to talk on the phone and he is coming next week to power wash, scrape, sand and paint.  And….I get to keep my deck purple( Trek was not available in purple) as the man at the paint store is a genius and concocted a paint formula that gave me the Deck Correct in purple to match my shutters.

I was taking my grandson out to breakfast yesterday to celebrate his tenacity in going to court to get money owed him from the government.  He did not have a car so this enabled him to buy an old but beautiful Lincoln Town Car.  He gave me a ride in it and it was like going back so many years.  It is a big “boat” and is soooo comfortable.  It is like we used to have many years ago where the seats were large and you couldn’t even feel the bumps. The trunk is big enough to carry me.   I was going to use my GPS to get the best directions to the restaurant when he pulled out his smart phone for the information ( I keep forgetting that today, all info is in the phone whereas I have different items like a solitary GPS.  His phone kept saying the restaurant was in a different town then what I said.  So he called the restaurant and, sure enough. It had moved.  If I had not given up control and let him use HIS GPS (phone), we would have gone to the wrong place.  Boy, this has been a week of wonderful surprises and proof that I do not have to be in control.

This message from the angels and Ann Albers hits the spot for me, does it for you?  This week certainly gave me the proof that I needed.

This article seems to start slow but hang in there, it gets so powerful.  I can’t say that I understood it all but it certainly gave me a lot of food for thought.  Do you dare to read it?

Jayme Price shares her very own method for healing. Simple but direct.

Here is another thought provoking article.  I wish they had it where I could hear it.

Here is how to love without judgement on either side. This is how I want to love and serve.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace