It has come to my attention that one of you did not realize that the highlighted word in a paragraph is actually a link to a wonderful video or article that I wanted to share.  My skills on the computer or even the phone leaves much to be desired but since I knew what highlighted meant, I “assumed” that everyone knew that all they had to do is click on the link.

My wonderful computer person suggested that I could cut down the size of the link to one word instead of having perhaps up to 4 lines of the necessary words or letters that would get you to the same place. It would be easier for you especially on phones that do not have the same size screen as a computer. He even had the patience to explain to me HOW to do that.  I so apologize for not explaining what I was doing and having been doing that for a while and never received a complaint. It takes a good friend to be honest with you when finally I was asked why my newsletter was shorter.  I was taken aback and finally I realized that I had shortened the length by taking that shortcut.  Again, I apologize if you had any problems or perhaps did not realize what the highlighting meant.  You missed a lot of good news and if you would like me to resend any of the newsletters to you so you could open them, I would be happy to do that.  I have a copy of each newsletter so I just need you to tell me the date.  If you have any suggestions you would like to share with me, please feel free to email me.

After reading this article, I again had hope that there is something in this world that would help people like me who cannot do physical exercise to keep fit.  I was surprised by the results and the ease which someone could help their body in so many ways. Personally, I like the heat better than the cold, so this is right up my alley (article).

This is my first exposure to Diana Cooper.  I was impressed and moved so I thought you might like a taste of her also. This is an October 2019 energy report.

https://spiritlibrary.com/videos/diana-cooper/october-2019-energy-report (Video)

Jayme Price and the October Energies 2019 really speak to how LOVE is the most powerful energy on this planet and how you can use that to be your most creative self. Let’s love ourselves and let our creative energy flow out to the world.

https://spiritlibrary.com/videos/jamye-price/october-2019-ascension-energies-and-light-language-dna-activation (Video)

Ann Albers offers a perspective from the angels to your heart and mine.  It is wisdom personified.

https://spiritlibrary.com/ann-albers/travel-plans-for-the-soul article)

There is hope and this one I never thought would happen in my lifetime.  With this new discovery (article), you will look forward to living longer and happier.

This is so hilarious and yet so true.  Do you have any dads that would enjoy this? I enjoyed it and I am not a dad so feel free to send to anyone who needs a laugh or a smile (video).

Please forgive the (explanations) after the link, I just wanted to give a head’s up just this once for anyone who might have been confused.

Love and Light


Mary Grace



Happy summer. I just got back from kayaking in my lake. It is a perfect day for it as the water is calmer and so are the winds. I do not kayak when it is windy or when there are a lot of speed boats or jet skis out there. I usually write my newsletter first and then go kayaking. Lately, by the time I have the time, the wind is up or the weekender people are out on the water. This morning even though I needed to make my yogurt first as it takes 10 hours to cook, when I was done the wind had still not come up so I “jumped” into my kayak for a journey around the lake. The water and the wind change depending on what end of the lake you are on. At one end, there are two coves that are as still as glass. So much so, that I can kayak through the clouds that are reflected on it. The other end of the lake usually has rougher waters and more wind. This morning I had the lake all to myself, not another boat to disrupt the peace of quiet or create waves. It is an adventure as well as a story book.

I cannot help but wonder about the people who were always using the lake when all of sudden, no boats are out at the docks and a few have not even put their docks out yet. There are more homes on the water for sale than I have ever seen before. Perhaps this is a sign of the economy. I know a few owners have passed away and it seems to be a long time before the legal system frees it up for anyone to buy. The beach right in front of my home is very quiet and perhaps when we are having a heat wave, more will come but mostly it is quiet. The ages of the children who used to play are now older and the young ones are not old enough to come alone and have to wait for an adult to bring them. Life on the lake is up and down just like life is. There are busy times and then there are quiet times. As the population ages, the scene changes again. I am ever so grateful to be here and able to partake in the gifts that being on the water bring.

In case you were not able to connect to Patricia Cota-Robles call yesterday, here is a link to it. It was quite powerful.

In this call, Patricia shared with us her latest update from the Divine Realms and then led us through a profoundly transformative guided visualization/activation. The meditation was so powerful we could not keep up with listener comments pouring in with thanksgiving and gratitude. Patricia then generously offered her time to answer listener questions for a full 30 minutes at the end of the call.

Pearls of Wisdom from Patricia…

Event and Free Replay Page:
Event/Replay Page Password: oneness

The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate is tomorrow and there is quite a bit of info on the meaning of this particular time. I am learning as I look for articles that might interest you. Thank you for the push to find out more about what is happening on our Beloved Earth. I did not know that tomorrow was so important and I will share a few of what I have discovered.


This article has new perspectives on the meaning of 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate. See what you think.


This video gives you extra strength to cope with all the changes that are happening to you and your world. I do not usually watch many debates but I tuned in to the Republican Party debate last night. I had no idea that there were debates on at 5pm so I did not get to watch them. I wish I had because there was a woman who the channel said was definitely the winner of that first one. I have to confess that I watched only to be able to make up my own mind on Donald Trump and see what the others had to offer. Frankly, it was like watching young boys in a contest with some of them being downright rude to the others. It was obvious the ones that had dignity and were sure within themselves but the noise makers were the ones to get the most attention. I have watched debates before and each candidate was treated equally with the time. I guess being 10 candidates, the questions kept going to the same ones over and over again. It ended at 11pm but I could not relax enough to go to bed. I had to stay up another hour and a half just to be relaxed enough to go to sleep. The energy from that broadcast was filled with negativity although I know it was productive to see how each candidate handled himself. I like to make up my own mind by seeing it for myself as the news commentators sometime report a different aspect than what I get.


I want to leave you with a smile. Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon in sync battle is quite entertaining and will bring a smile to your face if not downright laughter. I am not up late enough in the evening to listen to the night shows but this one is great.


Love and Light

Mary Grace