This day begins the saddest and yet the most glorious week in human history. This day makes me think of how Judas must have felt during his trial of obedience to his purpose in life.  Jesus already knew what Judas must do in order for HIS purpose to begin. How many times have you done things you are sorry for?  How many confidences have you betrayed?  Sometimes you forgave yourself and sometimes others forgave you for what you inadvertently did. I know that Jesus forgave you each and every time as he knew what it was to be human.

I think they should have named today as Holy Wednesday as they did for Thursday and Friday.  Today, Wednesday, honors the human in us and in Jesus as well as in Judas. I have always wondered if Jesus himself asked Judas for this gigantic favor? Have you ever asked your best friend to do something for you that they really did not want to do?

I know I did when I asked my best friend, Pearl to go to the hospital to pick up my uterus. I had fought hard with the medical profession to retrieve a very important part of my body. I had had an hysterectomy so I could not travel but she agreed although she really did not want to as she said she felt like she was a thief as she walked into the hospital and was given my precious womb in a container.  She asked for a paper bag and proceeded to walk the long corridor and felt like she might be arrested for stealing something very precious. She was and I did not know anyone else that would have done that for me.  I buried my children’s first home in one of their grandmother’s cotton handkerchief and in front of the statue of Mother Mary.

I can just imagine what Mother Mary went through as her son, Jesus, went through all that he did to save you and me. To me, today begins the journey of the most powerful Love that ever was in this world.  This song is such a representation of the LOVE that I am embodying from the singer that was the greatest gospel singer that ever lived.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I wish for you a loving Holy Week.


Love and Light

Mary Grace


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