I think I have Spring fever.  It is so nice and sunny outside that I sat at my window and watched the birds eat from the ground some seed that they would not eat from the feeder.  The store had some bird food on sale and on a whim, I bought some even though it was a different brand and from a different store.  I put it in my feeders but the birds would not eat it.  It sat there for three days so I finally threw it on the ground in a clove of trees where it has sat for a week and a half.  I had not noticed any birds there but I really had not spent any time looking there until this morning.  The blue jays really like it as well as some other birds.  Did it have to ripen? To my human mind, it would have been better and fresher right from the bag but that is my human mind. I am pleased that the birds are enjoying it but confused at the same time.  I know turkeys like the corn and that is why I threw it there but no turkeys showed up.

The mallard ducks, all 16 of them, are so enjoying the water after such a freezing winter.  It is so great to watch them as they chase each other around and while they are finally able to bathe in the water and flipping all of it through their feathers. They are so happy that they can be free of the constriction of earth life.  We did not have much snow but it was cold enough for the lake to freeze over even if it did not freeze enough for the ice fishermen, they only got to out on it twice this winter. The patterns that the ice makes as it melts constantly change.  We do not have any floating ice yet but it is coming.  Right now, the ducks enjoy following the paths of flowing water through the ice.

AS I listened to Lee Harris this morning, I gave myself permission to just lounge around and enjoy what this beautiful morning had to show me.  Try it, you will like it.(even if I feel a little lazy).


There is more good news about our oceans and the waters on Earth.  The fish are back which is a fantastic sign that Earth is recovering (albeit, slowly) from the ignorance of humanity.

Did you watch the impeachment trial?  I did not because of all of the negativity surrounding everyone.  I did not get to hear the prayer that was invoked before the trial and I am so grateful that Patricia Diane Cota Robles has given me another opportunity to hear it.  It is magnificent without taking sides.  Join with me and add your loving energy to create a HUGE ball of Love Energy to our country and to our Earth.  It does not matter when you listen to this, you will be added to all those who Love this planet and her people.


This is such an incredible example of “never the twain shall meet”.  Two different beings helping each other whereas it was never thought to be possible. If this is possible between two different species, there is hope for our one species, humans.

Love and Light

Mary Grace