Are you thinking of getting a mask to protect yourself and others?  Here is a short video from DR. Oz that explains all about masks and it also may help you relax about this issue.

Are you interested in the story behind the CoronaVirus?  Here is a FREE explanation from the channel, Dee Wallace.  See you there.

I had heard this song before but never knew the lyrics.  My son knows I like to know the lyrics so he sent me this song.  I never knew that it actually is a message from Mother Mary.  Just listening to this song know means so much to me and it gives me the courage and strength to continue on.  See what you think.

I love stories like this one as it sheds so much hope for mankind and for the kindness of being human.  I think we could listen a little more to our young children.  They seem to have an inner sight or knowing that gets shushed out as they grow.

A different look for Jim Self and Roxanne, his beloved.  It is amazing what a vacation will do for you especially near water.

Love and Light

Mary Grace