Hot off the Press. I just received this in an email this morning. There is such information in the whole email that it is difficult to have to pick and choose. This one is the most imminent concerning 11-11 which is next Wednesday. This is an opportunity for the whole collective of humanity and the more the merrier. Please add your consciousness to this day and focus on THE GATEWAY OF THE ARCHANGELS ON 11-11.


I know it is unusual for me to begin with a link but I feel the importance of the message and the opportunity for you to choose to participate. I will set aside time, perhaps pockets of time on that day to immerse myself in the meaning of this day. I believe in miracles, do you? We will receive what we focus on and it is only one day among the rest of your life that will benefit you and your loved ones. This is one thing we have been called to do as humans because only HUMANS can accomplish this.

Here is another opportunity to Pierce the Veil. Perhaps it is TIME!


My weather has been so beautiful the last two weeks and the weathermen are predicting another week of warm weather, in the 60’s and 70’s. For October and November, this is a real treat. Considering that only 4 years ago we had a huge snow storm on Halloween, I am savoring this time. Most of the boats are now moored on dry land although there are still a few diehards out there. I am sure they are happy to still have their boats in the water so they can still enjoy the spring like feeling. There is a speed boat that has been going by almost daily and a couple of pontoon boats are still ambling by. The little juncos (birds) are back. They are migrants that come back north for the winter and they are ground feeders. They are so cute, small and cuddly looking with their white bellies and charcoal grey top. I have not seen any migrant ducks yet, the ones that dive for food under the water. Do they know something we do not?

I would like to warn you about something that happened to me this past Sunday. I was on my computer when all of a sudden a siren (shrill intermittent beeps) was coming from my speakers. It was hurting my ears so I shut my speakers off and noticed that I had two screens on my computer. One was ¾ of my screen (quite large) and there was a smaller white one imposed on top of that. The large one had error messages with numbers but I could not read the whole thing because he white one was on top of it. The white one told me NOT TO SHUT OFF MY COMPUTER BECAUSE MY SYSTEM WAS IN DANGER. I clicked the top arrow to turn it off but it came right back. There was no way I could get my system back unless I shut it down and I was warned not to. It said it was Microsoft and gave me a number to call and they would help. In this case, ignorance was not bliss. Since I did not know what this was or what to do, I called the number and was told by a Microsoft certified technician (as he called himself) that my computer was in jeopardy. He convinced me to let him into my computer and he set about proving to me that I had no firewall and that there were 128 messages from Microsoft beginning in November, 2014 that I had not received. It all seemed to be on the up and up “until” he told me he could help me and offered three separate packages that I could buy. “You are nothing but a salesman” I told him (no offense to sales people). He replied: “We are Microsoft Certified”. He could be certified but he certainly was not from Microsoft. I had believed he was from Microsoft and that was the only reason I trusted him. As I told him no way, static and interference came over the phone, another ploy. I would not hang up and finally he came back on the phone apologizing for the interference that had happened. I finally hung up and was sitting here wondering what to do when my younger son called and I told him what had happened.

He came over right away and called Microsoft for help. It seems they have been having a lot of complaints about this happening. I believe that shrill siren set my mind into a tizzy so it was not functioning on all burners. I take responsibility for being very vulnerable and I felt quite stupid for falling for this sham. My pride at not being conned certainly took a huge hit. I guess I pride myself at being smart enough to sense when I am being lied to because I am elder who has had a lot of experience with people like that. After each episode of being taken advantage of, I swore to myself that I would not let it happen again. But it did! My lack of computer savvy leaves me vulnerable but it also made realize even at a deeper level that we need each other to survive. It is OK to be vulnerable as it opens you to your innate knowledge and intuition. It also lets you be willing to accept help from someone that knows more about that subject than you do. My son and Microsoft was able to take away the virus that had been implanted on my computer and I am telling you so that you do not fall for this NEW system that has been developed to scam you. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER.

I know that the news is not mentioning the refugee crisis as often as it has been. Eckhart Tolle has a perspective on this that is eye opening.


Have you ever heard that you have another self somewhere in the world? Have you ever met that alternate self? What an amazing “coincidence”!


We are getting so much information about these “TIMES”. Do these messages resonate with you?


Love and Light

Mary Grace