Are you as tired as I am of hearing all the controversies about the election still?  There are so many stories that make you feel as if humanity has lost all of its dignity and honesty.  Let me give you a list of all the good that has come out of this situation.  There are still many things to make our heart sing and give us hope for the future.

There is a song that everyone can sing as it stills is high in the ratings.  Yet there are different renditions. This is one I have not heard before and it seems so appropriate for today’s time.


I know that 11-11 is past but the message it brings and also the opportunities are still available.  There were many interpretations of what 11-11 really means yet this one stood out for me and I want to share it with you.


Music seems to catching my attention today and I have another song to share with you.  Music touches a part of my soul that plain words cannot reach.  This rendition uses all of my senses so I feel the message it brings quite deeply.


Spirit is dancing and leading me to different musical themes that will inspire you. I am shaking my head at what is transpiring and how all of these songs have jumped out at me to share with you. I believe that the heavenly realms are trying to get us to look positively at what is happening in our world and not to give up hope.


This story would not let go of its grip on me, begging for me to share this also with you. After I read this, I had tears in my eyes and as I turned from my computer, I noticed a small black thing on my floor in the shape of a heart. I do not know where it came from or what it was made of but it was smaller than a dime, more the size of a small button. Do you think the Universe was trying to tell me something about LOVE for one another?

Love and Light

Mary Grace

11-11 POWER


Are you aware that 11-11 is a very special date, especially this year. Archangel Gabriel has a message for you through the guide Shanta Gabriel.


Ascension Path with Sandra Walter, an awareness of how important the 11-11 date is.  I wish I knew how to make this just a highlighted message which is much smaller.  This message gives you an unusual awareness of the meaning of this special time in humanity. Hurrah, I finally got it to be a smaller link.


Opportunities to Connect as ONE

SUNday Unity Meditations: Infusions of peace, stability and amplification of the New Light at 5:11AM, 8:11AM & 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details HERE.

Monday November 11 is our 11:11 unification. Please mediate and gather at 11:11AM in your own time zone. We enter this sacred space with a global focus on peace, revelation and unity consciousness. PLEASE JOIN WITH ME.

 The field of Love and Quantum Entanglement.  This was written by a priest who I really admire for his love of ALL with no distinction or judgement.  He does not have the bias of most clergy and is open to all the Earth has to show us.  This is just a sample of what he offers on his daily meditations of which I subscribe to. I think 11-11 is affecting us already as the number 1 is the symbol of ONENESS and this article is all about that.


Would you like a picture of unconditional and neighborly love?  I cannot think of a better example than this story and especially the picture.



Again I am a little later than usual.  Why does Costco only seem to have available appointments on Friday mornings?  My complaint was that the low battery warning was not warning me that the battery was low and getting ready to expire.  Ron did not even have to take the hearing aid out of my ear.  He just exposed the battery and then the computer was able to connect with it and he could see what was happening.  He raised the volume on that particular part – the battery warning signal – and I could hear the 5 sounds which sound like the scale of tones being played. He set it now to go off once a minute instead of every 5 minutes.  Now I need to pay attention to hear if it does that before the battery goes completely dead.  Who would think that technology could do those things and I am in awe of what I can hear now.  Some, like the rustling of my winter coat, I could do without but I am happy to be able to understand people more when they talk.  I don’t need strain so hard to hear so I relax more.  I notice I relax more at night when I am watching TV because the sounds come to me more easily.

A clearer explanation of how this world is changing and by whom.  Do you wonder which group you are in?  Give a listen and see if you get your answer.


Every year from the 11th of November to the 11th of January, (which is today) we move through a period called the Divine Trinity. This is an aspect of which I never knew about and I thought you might enjoy understanding it during this time of release.


Here is another aspect of the 11:11 and one that I was not familiar with.  Shekina’s voice is one of special frequencies of 528 Hz which is extremely healing.  I found her voice especially relaxing.


When you are willing and ready, an angel appears to help (usually in disguise)  This is such an amazing story and also an example of doing what you can in each moment as you don’t know what the  results  will be.

What a magnificent story of kindness.  Nowadays we forget that the older people are not on social media or email or even texting so a single older person is more excluded from other people and so is lonelier.  This will make your heart sing and your chest swell with pride in humanity.

Love and Light

Mary Grace