I am constantly amazed at the new inventions that are in process.  When I get a little discouraged by something, I try to remember to look at articles like this one that holds so much promise.  Living on as island has been a lifelong dream of mine but it is not easy to live on an island when the items we need have to be brought over by boat.  Now that we have drones that can deliver so many things and this new creation, maybe I could live on an island after all. Would you like to join me?

How about living on an iceberg?  Perhaps you could train these green glacier moss mice into being pets. Wowee. What is next for us to discover.

At my age, I still remember the Nazi’s and the destruction they caused.  It gave Germany a bad name that is really being changed to admiration.  I have a very dear friend who is from Germany and I have been noticing many more positive things coming from that country.  Here is proof of what can be accomplished when we lose our biases. This is solid proof of how we can help one another.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Day!!!!!  Friday June 5, that’s TODAY—Be positive, observe any insights, dreams, experiences and take deep breaths.  Try not to make any important decisions today, especially on impulse. Let the energies of the full moon gradually become absorbed, integrated and processed over the next three days.

Then, beginning tomorrow, Saturday, through the days following, move forward with more clarity and make your decisions! Notice how waiting those three days may have changed your decision or perception!     Raven Moondance

This June energy update by Lee Harris is FULL of info for you and what is happening now and during this month.

Today is a grey day full of moisture.  I need a pick me up so I guess you could use one too. Could you use a hug?  Let’s put ourselves in the place of all these humans and travel to love land viscerally. This is utterly amazing.

Love and Light

Mary Grace