I am hoping you will not mind me doing a separate newsletter. I am using the hoped for freedom to let you in on a fabulous secret.  There are three eclipses in June and July and they begin today, June 1, 2020. Since it begins today, I could not wait until Friday to offer you this. Five Ascended Masters have joined in a group for the first time to offer us an opportunity to “Be in a Higher Time Line” and to “Heal the Earth”. There are 5 initiations: one from each Master.  They are so powerful. If you would like to join with the Masters and create a resonance that will heal you and heal the Earth, please give a listen to this recording.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  I have never heard or experienced such deep reverberation before.

Living Transmissions with The Masters: Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. Germaine, Babaji & Cynthia Charis!

 Let’s join our hearts as divinely resurrected, holographic humans and galactic citizens to experience the final healing of separation consciousness!

Love and Light

Mary Grace