Have a Blessed Happy New Year 2021

My wish for you is to be happy and healthy in the New Year.  You have had quite an adventurous year of 2020 with many challenges and changes. With all of that, it was hard to remain positive or even see anything happening as positive.  I have a remedy for that as I have received an entire list of the “GOOD” happenings of 2020. This is a pandemic of a different color.  I will post it here and there are a lot of them so you may want to stagger just how many you read at one time.  I guarantee that you will be surprised. Please spread The Good News.

Do you live close to Florida or are you planning a vacation nearby.  There is an attraction that will blow your socks off and donate funds to a children’s charity at the same time.  Take a look.

While you are in the vicinity, check out the “reef goats”

Jayme Price has a new message for 2021.  Her light language sounds so different to me than it used to be.  Check it out and see if it is just me that changed or is her light language pulse changing for 2021.


I wish to end with a light celebration.  I did not attend a viewing of the ball dropping last night on TV although there were fireworks that I could hear in my neighborhood at midnight as I was trying to sleep. Please enjoy the journey into 2021 with this light display.


Love and Light

Mary Grace