Did you miss me or did you even notice I was gone? If you emailed me within the last 10 days, I was in an incommunicado mode.  Eleven days ago I went on retreat with John of God at the Omega Center in NY.  I have written about John of God a little in my newsletters but as I have been required not to write, read, listen to TV or be on the computer for 11 days, I have no new news as I am unaware of what has been happening in the world in that time. I thought you would like a little more information about this mysterious person and who he really is and what he does.

I met John of God 13 years ago when I went to Brazil to see him after hearing about him from someone or something.  I was scheduled for a knee replacement and my Spirit was rebelling something fierce as I have a lot of chemical sensitivities labeled MCS.  Medications, antibiotics, even the chrome in the implant, the glue they use and even putting me to sleep pose a problem for me. I was there for two weeks and on the last day; I received an intervention (healing). Slowly my knee got less painful but never fully recovered. In my heart, I believe that I was not ready to receive a complete healing. God gave us Free Will and cannot nor go against our will even when we are not aware that our subconscious has a different agenda then our conscious.  It was quite an experience just being there at his Casa with all of the other supplicants who were dressed all in white.

John of God is a full body trance channel which means his consciousness leaves his body while the Entities of Light incorporate his body and perform operations and Spiritual interventions while he is oblivious to everything and will not remember you or anything that occurred while he is in this trance state. The Entities of Light include Jesus, Mother Mary., St. Francis, St Ignatius and a host of other masters and doctors such as Dr. Augusto. These beings are reading your body as a hologram and then bringing in celestial energy to assist you in healing.  The Entities of Light request that everyone be clothed in white as that is the color that assists them in giving you a correct scanning. Other colors or objects on the body do not give them the clarity they need to help you. WE are so blessed that this healer has been given to us and is willing to spend so much time healing us and for free. Only your transportation, rooming, food and necessities are what you pay for. He does not charge a fee but wealthier individuals donate to him.  It does not matter to him because he says he is not a healer, only God heals and he cannot charge money for the gift that was given to him to give to others.

There are a few requirements such as you might receive from your normal doctor like resting and sleeping. There are additional ones from the entities such as: avoiding the energy emitted from your TV or computer as that type of energy might interfere with the celestial energy you have been given. It is like a frequency on the radio that turns to static when you interfere with it with another frequency to change stations. They ask that you avoid alcohol, spicy food and energy work. This is not a judgement on any healing modalities and they strongly suggest that this is not a substitute for any existing medical protocol that you are presently and to continue all medications as prescribed by your doctor.

For the first 24 hours after your Spiritual intervention, you must have total bed rest, eyes closed, no socializing, avoid computer, and television.  You need to use this time for rest and introspection. Your energy field is very open at this time and can be affected by much of the energy surrounding you if you do not honor this request. Of course, we ask for whatever healings are needed or wanted but usually there are up to 9 issues that can be addressed for each Spiritual intervention but unless it is a blatant physical injury, you do know what request is being addressed.

Eye intervention requires much more important guidelines. You must refrain from reading, writing, watching television and computer use for 8 days. Since I want healing for my eyes, I opted to this for each Spiritual intervention. Last year I had a growth or swelling on my retina which my eye doctor was really concerned about.  I was fortunate and it slowly disappeared after the intervention.  There is a 40 day protocol that follows which is much easier than staying in bed and isolated.  The Spiritual energy can be with you for quite a while before you notice any change. What also excites me is the change you see in the people that you have brought in your soul with you.  You can take pictures of your loved ones or anyone else and also write their name on a piece of paper and all of these requests will be brought back to Brazil with John of God and the Spiritual Entities will give energy to these requests for the whole year.  They address the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental issues of all requests.

John of God and his Spiritual Entities see about 2,000 pilgrims a day so there is a beautiful sea of white surrounding you. At Omega, NY, it is not exactly the same as in Brazil but it is amazingly close and we are so fortunate that he comes to America once a year. Even if I did not receive a Spiritual Intervention from them I would still go.  The energy is indescribable and so uplifting while being so grounding.  Everyone is smiling, even the ones who are in wheelchairs and have pain in their body.  There is hope and love in the air and surprisingly it is not chaotic with so many people.  Each person adding their energy and love to the whole increases the energy that can be used to help each soul who goes before John of God for a review or scanning. The people you meet are phenomenal and many new friends are made each year. I highly recommend it.  Try it, you will like it.

Perhaps I can go through some of the older articles I have and bring a smile to your face. Oh, I forgot.  Happy Friday the 13th.  It is a day of liberation for me because now I can connect with you and the world.

See if you can hold that smile back?

Can you do it with this one, too?

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy Columbus Day! I hope you have a delicious fall weekend.

I have been in seclusion for 10 days which is why you have not received news from me sooner. Thank you to all who inquired about me, it is nice to be missed. I was planning on getting an early start on this newsletter this morning but my car needed immediate attention so I spent the morning in my car repair place. As I was driving, I kept noticing the volume of traffic that usually is not there when suddenly it dawned on me that this is a long weekend. Being in seclusion makes one out of touch with the world and the fact that my eye doctor is open for business on Columbus Day added to my confusion. I actually called him to verify my appointment since it is a holiday.

Since I am not up on the latest news as I have been without TV, computer, phone, reading and writing for all of this time, I thought I would share with you my experiences of being with a healer from Brazil. John of God claims no fame, he says only God heals so he does nothing. He prefers to be called by his given name but people who have experienced healing from him have attached God to his name. At the age of 8 in the poor country of Brazil, he left home to find a job. He was living under a bridge when some people saw him from a neighboring village and invited him to their church. John (Joao) suddenly passed out and woke up 4 hours later in total confusion. He was surrounded by many people and was told that he had been in actuality healing all of these people. Being so young when all of this occurred he never even graduated grade school and at 74 years of age, still cannot read or write, yet has wisdom beyond his years. He does not speak English but speaks two other languages so it is necessary to have people translate for him both here and for those who visit the Casa in Brazil.

The last 8 years he has been coming to America for three days of healing and this retreat is held at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York. You have to see and feel it to believe it. The peace and love just oozes out of that place once a year. Everyone wears white so imagine seeing 2,000 people all in white gathered about outside or meditating or sitting in the tents that have been set up as meditation rooms or current rooms where many people are meditating which increases the energy that the entities can use for everyone. Each of us contributes to the current. The current rooms are power-places for spiritual practice, raising vibrations and healing. I have no words for what I felt or experienced, you just can’t put those experiences into words. I hope someday you will be able to personally experience it.

John of God at Omega offers the choice of coming for all three days or just one day. The campus of Omega cannot give overnight accommodations to all because there are 2,000 people a day for the three days for a total of 6,000 bodies plus all the extra people necessary to pull off such a large event. There are many hotels and accommodations in the local towns but it is not the same as staying in that loving energy for the whole three days. If you are interested after reading this newsletter, I suggest you call Omega and make reservations sometime around Christmas even though the event is usually held the last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of September.

John of God is a medium of spiritual healing who incorporates with many different “entities” although only one at a time. I know there are several doctors that come through him. One is called Dr. Augusto De Almeida, an enlightened Spirit who is dedicated to alleviating pain and suffering. He once said, “My phalange is not composed of tens or hundreds, but of thousands. I will go to the abyss for one last soul.” It has been said Dr. Augusto is the one who comes in the most frequently.

**THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY EXISTING MEDICAL PROTOCOL** He is adamant about continuing with your doctor and doing what you are told to do and what is prescribed. In fact, a human body that holds that high of a frequency for that length of time usually suffers quite visible physical manifestations of ill. He has been doing this healing work for three days a week for 66 years. Boy, what dedication he has to God and to helping us. I don’t believe I could be that dedicated, could you?
Joao is quite different compared to most mediums of spiritual healing that allow that voltage of energy into their body because he is 74 and in good health. Last year, he had cancer and is now cured and chemotherapy was used to cure it. He also has a one and a half year old daughter.

Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Ignatius De Loyola, St. Francis, and others than I cannot remember also incorporate into Joao. Neither John of God nor any other living person is aware of which Enlightened Being will come through at any given time except the Beings themselves. Who best suits the situation of the person in front of him, is who comes through to help that person. The human person Joao is not in his body, the Beings are using his body to do invisible surgery and healings on the people who come to them. Joao is not aware of any happenings and cannot remember what has happened while he has been “absent”.

I first went to Brazil to see John of God in January of 2006; Josie RavenWing was my tour guide and treated all of us with such motherly love and concern through all the procedures. She is actually one of the leaders at Omega of the prayer energy we are experiencing as we are all meditating. In 2005,I was already scheduled for a knee replacement by a local surgeon but I decided to try one more thing. I was there at the Casa in Brazil with John of God for two weeks and I received an “intervention” surgery the day before I was scheduled to return home. I was told to treat it like a regular physical surgery, ie, use the wheel chairs at the airport and etc. I felt so much better even though I still had some knee pain, I cancelled my knee replacement surgery and prepared for retirement.

What I know now is that although I had received a healing, I was not ready for a “full” healing. God cannot give us what we are not ready to receive and although I wanted full recovery so badly, there had to be a part of me that was not ready. God gave us Free Will and he cannot go against the very gift he gave. We need to be able to surrender our will to His. Gradually over the years, the pain and loss of movement progressed but now I could not have the “physical” surgery because my body will not tolerate antibiotics or pain medication which is a necessity.

I try to go to Omega every year because to feel that kind of love energy is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. 2,000 + people a day meditating and holding it all at the same time intensify the effects. It is very difficult to come back to the “real” world afterwards; in fact, I have a hard time getting my car up to speed on the way home.

The entities view us as a hologram and know what we require for our highest healing. For those who would like to hand their requests to the entity, slips of paper are provided. I feel that by writing it down, it implants it more in my heart and mind and gives my permission for the healing. Also, everyone there has someone they wish healing for and they can also add those people’s names and conditions. We can also present photographs for healing which will be brought back to Brazil for healing and prayers throughout the next year.

When I had an intervention, I would go back to my room and stay mainly in bed for the whole day or 24 hours. It was easy, as I felt like I would if I had had actual physical surgery and was “out of it” most of the time. Your energy is very open at this time so it is important to not socialize or watch computer or TV or phone as you can be affected by all of these and it would interfere with the healing. For the next 8 days, absolutely no heavy lifting; no strenuous exercise, running, yoga, etc. You must have complete rest. IF you have had EYE intervention, you must refrain from reading, writing, watching television, phone, and computer use for 8 days. That is what I had and that is why I have been in seclusion and I had to add 3 more days because I had 3 surgeries and had no idea which one would be for the eyes.

The rest of the protocol is for 40 days which requires following a diet free from alcohol, fertilized eggs, arousal of sexual energy, spicy food, and all energy work, and drinking I tablespoon of water from the 3 large bottles of blessed water. Drinking it consciously, with love and appreciation for the healing you are receiving. John of God blesses this water for us to have as a tonic and an aid to our recovery. In Brazil, they have herbs but since they cannot bring that large amount of herbs into this country, the water is purchased here and he blesses it here. It is like the water of Lourdes or any other Blessed Water. Two years ago, he ordered 40,000 bottles, last year he ordered 50,000 bottles and this year 60,000 bottles and still they had more demand for what was there.

As I am rereading and checking for errors and clarity, I feel that I have not done this event justice. To have the ability to feel that intensity of love and never hear anything negative from anyone, is truly a gift. Everyone is shining and smiling at everyone else and right there to lend a hand if needed. The ages were from newborn (no kidding) to some in their 90’s. Some children were being carried and others were in wheelchairs, crutches, scooters (like me) and there was even a woman who had the kind of scooter that you kneel on with one knee while you pushed it. Yet most of the people there were mobile, they had illnesses of body, mind or spirit that just did not show on the outside. Yet they also were smiling and feeling the LOVE. IF, a big IF, you get the chance to go to Brazil or to Omega, jump at the chance, you won’t be sorry. You can also check on the computer for more info or let me know and I will send you some links.

Wayne Dyer also wrote about his experience, this is the short version. Email me if you want the whole story.
There is an extraordinary gentleman on the planet by the name of John of God. I recently had the most amazing experience with him. I sought his help for a second time for my excruciating neck pain that first arose just before the taping of my newest Public Television special, I Can See Clearly Now.

This healing took place remotely while John of God was at his home base in Brazil and I was in my hotel room in Carlsbad.

My friend Reid Tracy came to visit me just after my “spiritual surgery.” He was astonished to find a large scar on the back of my neck. Two weeks later, the scar was gone.

One of the things I admire about John of God is his simple message: “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in His infinite goodness permits the entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s Divine hands.”

I have come to a place in my life where I have a mind that is open to everything. I invite you to experience this man’s work through my own personal story below:


Wayne Dyer

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I have been experiencing such deep sadness the last couple of months. Being human, I can find many things that are not to my liking or that happened in my past which would account for these sad episodes. I have been trying to figure out what it actually is that accounts for these periods I am having lately. One day as I wake up, I realize that I have experienced all that I could possibly feel in this lifetime and I am ready to go home, to the heavenly realm. I can find no reason to stay here on earth and no one would really miss me for very long anyway. I am not suicidal yet I feel that there is nothing left on this planet that I would want to stay here for.

So I get up and the sun is shining. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the sun and the opportunity to feel its warmth. I wonder if in other dimensions, do we “feel” anything like the touch of skin or the taste of my favorite breakfast? So I set about doing my daily routine and look for something to do that would raise my spirits. What do I want to do? I don’t know, I don’t have the answer. I believe I am lonely deep in my soul. There is no one to do anything with, no one to bounce ideas off, no one who actually knows the real “ME”. But….who am I? Who is the real ME? I don’t know so how could anyone else know the real me?

I have been living alone for 25 years which seems just like yesterday. There was always some drama that consumed my time and attention; whether it was family or work, or finances. I felt like it was necessary to solve so many of these life problems. Now I realize that the solutions did not come from me, the physical self. Either all the individuals solved their problems themselves or the problems just resolved themselves in some way. I just need to be patient and all life resolves itself. I feel like it is taking a long time to resolve anything at this time. I am still waiting for this sadness to leave so that I can go back to seeing the best in every circumstance.

I realize that I have probably graduated from another phase of life and I am now in the space of nothingness. Like when you finally have completed a huge project and are now waiting for the next one to show up. I wonder what it is and when it will make itself known to me.

Ann Albers has good advice if you are in the void like I am. I am so grateful for these fellow earth travelers that share their wisdom with me.

Here is a more humorous and down to earth practice that helps us create patience.

I was so pleased when I saw that John of God, The Miracle Healer is being recognized and shared with the Good News Network, I can vouch for what is said about him as I made a trip to Brazil to be with him for two weeks and that was 13 years ago. He comes to Omega in New York most years at the end of September and I try to make all three days even though you can go for only one day. If you get the opportunity to go see him, take it.

Do you remember when I shared with you about the gifts of my friend, Cathy Olsen with you a while back? Many of you contacted her and received her free gift of a Light Language Blessing and many of you asked where you could find out more about her. She did not have a website then, but she does have a website now and I would like to share it with you. Check it out.

Click on the link below to access my brand new Light Language Website:

Let me leave you with a smile, I laughed out loud with this one. I thought it was only us women who could not figure out mechanical tools. Psst: you have to plug it in.

Vacuum Cleaner

A retired guy sits around the house all day so one day his wife says, “Joe, you could do something useful, like vacuum the house once a week”.The guy gives it a moment’s thought and says; “sure why not. Show me to the vacuum.

Half an hour later, the guy comes into the kitchen to get some coffee. His wife says, “I didn’t hear the vacuum working, I thought you were using it”? Exasperated, Joe answers,”The stupid thing is broken, it won’t start. We need to buy a new one”. “Really”, she says, “show me – it worked fine the last time”. So he did (Click Here)…

Love and Light

Mary Grace