Did you miss me or did you even notice I was gone? If you emailed me within the last 10 days, I was in an incommunicado mode.  Eleven days ago I went on retreat with John of God at the Omega Center in NY.  I have written about John of God a little in my newsletters but as I have been required not to write, read, listen to TV or be on the computer for 11 days, I have no new news as I am unaware of what has been happening in the world in that time. I thought you would like a little more information about this mysterious person and who he really is and what he does.

I met John of God 13 years ago when I went to Brazil to see him after hearing about him from someone or something.  I was scheduled for a knee replacement and my Spirit was rebelling something fierce as I have a lot of chemical sensitivities labeled MCS.  Medications, antibiotics, even the chrome in the implant, the glue they use and even putting me to sleep pose a problem for me. I was there for two weeks and on the last day; I received an intervention (healing). Slowly my knee got less painful but never fully recovered. In my heart, I believe that I was not ready to receive a complete healing. God gave us Free Will and cannot nor go against our will even when we are not aware that our subconscious has a different agenda then our conscious.  It was quite an experience just being there at his Casa with all of the other supplicants who were dressed all in white.

John of God is a full body trance channel which means his consciousness leaves his body while the Entities of Light incorporate his body and perform operations and Spiritual interventions while he is oblivious to everything and will not remember you or anything that occurred while he is in this trance state. The Entities of Light include Jesus, Mother Mary., St. Francis, St Ignatius and a host of other masters and doctors such as Dr. Augusto. These beings are reading your body as a hologram and then bringing in celestial energy to assist you in healing.  The Entities of Light request that everyone be clothed in white as that is the color that assists them in giving you a correct scanning. Other colors or objects on the body do not give them the clarity they need to help you. WE are so blessed that this healer has been given to us and is willing to spend so much time healing us and for free. Only your transportation, rooming, food and necessities are what you pay for. He does not charge a fee but wealthier individuals donate to him.  It does not matter to him because he says he is not a healer, only God heals and he cannot charge money for the gift that was given to him to give to others.

There are a few requirements such as you might receive from your normal doctor like resting and sleeping. There are additional ones from the entities such as: avoiding the energy emitted from your TV or computer as that type of energy might interfere with the celestial energy you have been given. It is like a frequency on the radio that turns to static when you interfere with it with another frequency to change stations. They ask that you avoid alcohol, spicy food and energy work. This is not a judgement on any healing modalities and they strongly suggest that this is not a substitute for any existing medical protocol that you are presently and to continue all medications as prescribed by your doctor.

For the first 24 hours after your Spiritual intervention, you must have total bed rest, eyes closed, no socializing, avoid computer, and television.  You need to use this time for rest and introspection. Your energy field is very open at this time and can be affected by much of the energy surrounding you if you do not honor this request. Of course, we ask for whatever healings are needed or wanted but usually there are up to 9 issues that can be addressed for each Spiritual intervention but unless it is a blatant physical injury, you do know what request is being addressed.

Eye intervention requires much more important guidelines. You must refrain from reading, writing, watching television and computer use for 8 days. Since I want healing for my eyes, I opted to this for each Spiritual intervention. Last year I had a growth or swelling on my retina which my eye doctor was really concerned about.  I was fortunate and it slowly disappeared after the intervention.  There is a 40 day protocol that follows which is much easier than staying in bed and isolated.  The Spiritual energy can be with you for quite a while before you notice any change. What also excites me is the change you see in the people that you have brought in your soul with you.  You can take pictures of your loved ones or anyone else and also write their name on a piece of paper and all of these requests will be brought back to Brazil with John of God and the Spiritual Entities will give energy to these requests for the whole year.  They address the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental issues of all requests.

John of God and his Spiritual Entities see about 2,000 pilgrims a day so there is a beautiful sea of white surrounding you. At Omega, NY, it is not exactly the same as in Brazil but it is amazingly close and we are so fortunate that he comes to America once a year. Even if I did not receive a Spiritual Intervention from them I would still go.  The energy is indescribable and so uplifting while being so grounding.  Everyone is smiling, even the ones who are in wheelchairs and have pain in their body.  There is hope and love in the air and surprisingly it is not chaotic with so many people.  Each person adding their energy and love to the whole increases the energy that can be used to help each soul who goes before John of God for a review or scanning. The people you meet are phenomenal and many new friends are made each year. I highly recommend it.  Try it, you will like it.

Perhaps I can go through some of the older articles I have and bring a smile to your face. Oh, I forgot.  Happy Friday the 13th.  It is a day of liberation for me because now I can connect with you and the world.

See if you can hold that smile back?

Can you do it with this one, too?

Love and Light

Mary Grace