This January/February Thaw has been much appreciated.  It has been wonderful to wake up to the sun and actually see the sun setting. It gives us a little taste of what is to come.  Of course, it makes us impatient for Spring except for the skiers but the ski resorts are now capable of making their own snow.  In fact, this winter, most of the snow has been focused on the mountains.  I know the ice fishermen love this winter as I see them out more and more than in previous years. I did see something on the frozen lake that I had never seen before and it was fascinating.  It was the size of a golf cart but more closed in.  It did not have wheels, I think it had either skis or treads and it had a plow.  Sooo, it carried all the equipment for ice fishing including the plastic hut and they had a clear spot to put up their housing.  It was fascinating to watch it move around on the ice. Watching all the ice skaters gliding so effortlessly on the ice brought back a lot of my own memories of skating. I could actually feel the freedom they were feeling.

Bouncer nurses  are such a great idea even if the title sounds a little tough.  Give it a listen.

This is a powerful message.


And…then came this one.

Lee Harris update is on Abundance.  That is something everyone is interested in.


Can you just imagine what our world will look like and what it will be like to live when this  invention  is put out to us, the public?

Would you like to know about another discovery that will help all of humanity?

When I first saw this, I did a double take as it could have been me, it looked like me from the back with all the purple.  As I watched, my heart went out to both of them and I sent much  gratitude  for those wonderful young men.

This IS the WORLD I wish to live in.

I apologize if there are too many opportunities to open in this newsletter.  I just couldn’t decide which ones to eliminate.  Blessings.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



How has your weather been? Up and down? My lake froze once,then thawed and then froze again. We had snow so the snowmobilers had a wonderful day last weekend and the lake lost it’s smooth coat of white. The next day the temp went up and we had so much rain that the snow disappeared and then a real quick freeze so now it is ready for ice skating but I have not seen any skaters out there. My street and driveway could serve as a skating rink because the water from the rain storm froze before it could get to the lake. Well, it has not been boring because Mother Nature is keeping us in suspense all the time.

The energies have been disconcerting since the New Year began. If there was something we did not address in ourselves in 2013, it popped back up with perhaps a different scenario. In December, 2013, I joined a course to have an Ebook published by Kindle at the end of January. I was given some material to read two weeks before the classes began. Have you ever made a commitment like that and all of a sudden, everything else in your life seems to magnify and your time and energy is whittled away? That is what happened to me. I am an author of the book “The Wounded Chalice” so I thought creating an ebook would be a piece of cake even though my present book is in ebook form also.

I was committed to this so I did my best. I attended the first class and was surprised that I did not know the language of Facebook and even of the computer. The teacher spoke quite fast in order to give us as much as possible but my brain did not understand a lot of the terminology that others take for granted so it just could not absorb it all. We have our own Facebook page which all 223 of us used as a means of connecting. Well, most of the other students were well versed in the lingo and also in using Facebook. We were to create a fan page, and our own group so our supporters could be there for us. (I know you would have been there for me).

I have been on Facebook for 6 years but only use it so my newsletters can be there for anyone who wishes to read them. I KNOW NOTHING OF THE WORKINGS OF FACEBOOK. I did not know where to start, how to send messages, which ones would be private or which ones would be read by the general public. We were to create our own book cover so I spent some time checking this out to see what I would use but again, I was a novice. Scrivener was suggested but I had no idea what it was or how to use it. I have a deep appreciation for the other students who knew how to find the art or how to use their blogs for their book. It was suggested we do a series so we had to decide what the series would be about so we could break it down into sequels. Guidance has given me the title of my next book so I thought I would create a series instead of just one book.

After the first class, I knew I was in trouble. It takes me much longer to even the use the computer as I do not know the shortcuts let alone try to pull together all you need for a book. It made my first book look like a piece of cake. Of course, it took me two years to write my first one and self publish with a Print On Demand publisher. I only had a month to do this. I have plenty of material, my newsletters for one but finding out how to combine in the physical world of computers, I drew a blank. I find writing easy so I was not concerned about the actual writing of the ebook, it was all the other pieces that needed to be put in place. In my heart, I think the Facebook part was the last straw. I valiantly stayed another week but knew in my heart that it just was too quick for me. I could not be Jack be NImble and Jump over the Candlestick.

I did make an appointment at a neighboring Senior Center to at least get some basics on Facebook. I can learn one on one, face to face. But to learn from the computer or just listening or reading the instructions, my brain just does not compute the info. Soooo….right now I am dealing with the emotions of feeling like a quitter which is something I do not take lightly. Once I make a commitment,(I am stubborn) I hang in there even if it is by my fingernails. On the bright side, at least I know more about Facebook so maybe I will get more active in it once I get to practice. I also know now that my time will be well spent if I get more instruction on how to operate the computer with much less aggravation and more ease and agility.

Of course, being committed is an asset but like all the gifts we have, they also have their opposites. After all, we live in the realm(dimension) of duality. We now have the opportunity to live in a realm of TRIALITY. That is the fifth dimension and is where duality; good and bad, warm and cold, etc. is balanced into triality. It is where the masculine and feminine are balanced into triality. Triality is a peaceful blend of all the Gifts of Spirit. It is a realm of peace, acceptance, compassion and most of all LOVE for humanity and all forms of life on this beloved planet, Earth. I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN THE REALM OF TRIALITY WHERE ALL LIFE IS BALANCED.

I want you to know that I am grateful for you and for all the gifts you offer me and the world.

Do take the time to see and listen. The artistry in its combination of visuals to music is inspirational! It brought tears to my eyes…


I received this email this week and I was amazed at what I learned from listening to Anna Galland, from the Move-On Civic Action group. I do not usually send you links with this kind of information but since I was so intrigued, I thought you might like it. WE, THE PEOPLE will be taking over the reins and this had so much information.
Dear MoveOn member,

I had a chance to represent MoveOn members on C-SPAN’s flagship show Washington JournalSunday morning. I discussed what 2014 could look like for the progressive movement and America at large, and took questions from callers across the country on issues from climate change to economic inequality to health care.


This is a gift to you from the Divine Feminine

Just a reminder that angels do exist, check it out.


I hope I have not overwhelmed you with all of this information but there is so much coming in now and events and perspectives are changing not on a daily basis but on a hourly basis. Hang on for the ride.

Love and Light

Mary Grace