How are you doing?  I am alone so it is quiet here, sometimes too quiet.  I only go out to grocery shop and it “feels” so funny not to recognize the ones I know.  They recognize me from my tiara but with their masks on, I don’t recognize them. From this experience, I have learned that my face is not made for a mask.  I have tried 7 different ones so far but my nose is small so it does not stay up there and when I push it into place, it alters what my eyes see.  I am waiting for one I ordered on line to see if a homemade one fits better.  I tried my son’s suggestion to use a tight TShirt and just pull it up over your nose but that did not work.  I finally settled on a bandana which I pin behind my neck but even that won’t stay up very well so I put on my cheater glasses so they will keep it on my nose. Such serious problems I have, I am smiling.  You and I are having different experiences designed especially for us and for our own individual growth.  A new world is being born, can you see it or feel it?

Jayme Price is offering us a different way to absorb the energies.  It is very unusual.  See if you can catch the meanings in the poem-like written part after you absorb the energies of the video and Light Language.

Emmanuel Dagher is offering a simple explanation of what is happening and ways to know it as well as what you can do to help yourself.

Another “young” inventor who is on this Earth.  Hoorah.  Can you guess what his invention is?

I thought you might like to see some “lighter” news and this one I have never even heard about or even considered.  A boat grown out of mushrooms????

Love in Action

“… how much we do care for each other”

“When you go out and see the empty streets,
the empty stadiums, the empty train platforms,
don’t say to yourself, “It looks like the end of the world.”
What you’re seeing is love in action.
What you’re seeing, in that negative space, is how much we do care for each other,
for our grandparents, our parents, our brothers and sisters,
for people we will never meet.
People will lose jobs over this.
Some will lose their businesses.
And some will lose their lives.
All the more reason to take a moment, when you’re out on your walk,
or on your way to the store, or just watching the news,
to look into the emptiness and marvel at all of that love.
Let it fill you and sustain you.
It isn’t the end of the world.
It is the most remarkable act of global solidarity we may ever witness.”

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I have not spoken about the geese or lake much this summer.  We, the Lakeland Beach Club finally decided to put rope across the whole beach even under the dock to the other side to see if it is true that the geese see it as a barrier and won’t cross it. It worked.  All that remains is to have every one remember to reclip the rope across the sandy part when they leave. Yesterday, I noticed that the neighbors did not remember to reclip the rope.  Since I just cannot run down to the beach all the time, I waited, hoping another club member would come down and see that it was down.  All of a sudden there were 28 geese starting to get on the beach.  Soooo, I took off ( I laugh because my timing in rushing is liken to someone walking) and started clapping my hands and yelling GO.  They stood there waiting to see if I was seriously going to walk to them and then realized that I was not kidding, so they started honking and flying everywhere. They, the geese, remembered my voice so that made it easier.

Then they just moved about 2 houses down and waited for me to go back in the house.  I did but I got dressed for kayaking and went back but they still waited.  They know me and know my patterns but I surprised them.  Instead of kayaking to the left as usual, I went to the right and went right up to them with my kayak.  Again, they honked and flew and this time went down to the opposite end of the lake.  They had been waiting for me to go that way and they would have tried to get back on the beach, except I had reclipped the rope so it was all in vain anyway.  I got a good laugh at that.

It feels so GOOD to open the house up to the fresh air.  In fact, as I was sitting here talking to you, I felt this beautiful breeze come in and go across the tops of my legs.  What ecstasy that was.  It is amazing what we miss but we don’t realize it’s gone until it comes back again. In my kayaking I came across 15 regular ducks which is so good to see.  Now that the geese cannot monopolize our beach, we have seen more of the smaller ducks.  They do not see the rope as a barrier. I don’t know why, but this year I have been able to view so many baby birds coming to the feeders.  The Baltimore Orioles even stayed past July 4 and I still have a young one that comes to my feeder occasionally. This was my first year of seeing the new Orioles as they usually leave around the 4th because of all the noise.  The catbirds are still eating the grape jelly so I have been refilling those feeders.  There is a lot of noise at the feeders right now as the young birds are being taught where the food is and how to get it.  Of Course, with the windows open, I get an earful and it sounds so joyful.

Are you happy that the challenges of July are now giving way to you living freely from your heart?  Even if you understand the ways of the stars, moon, sun or planets (which I don’t) you are not exempt from their energies. Read what happened to Kari Samuels.

To add another wayshower who had July Challenges, here is Eckhart Tolle.  Have patience as he attempts to give peace to his throat so he can share his wisdom with you. Even he is not infallible to the energies.

Were you able to join the Inaugural Project Revolution where people from the USA and many other countries joined their energies together in creating a global love resolution?  Here is the first meeting of the minds and hearts of this fabulous initiative and another opportunity for you to join for free and share your energy with the world (and you don’t even have to fly halfway across the world to be with them). It was held yesterday and the replay is available for up to a week.  Please listen to Matt Kahn as he leads this global revolution.  Just in case you need it, password is 688#

Emmanuel Dagher is not a newbie to the energies but his forecast for August carries so much information that will be very helpful.  Give him a listen.

Do you know someone who is touched by Parkinson’s disease? This sounds so simple but life was designed to be simple, it is us humans who complicate things unwittingly.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I wish to thank you for your words of kindness and joy for what I am to embark upon. You have let me know I am in your prayers and that is a gift of high proportions. I am excited as I have a date for my stem cell procedure.  It is March 19 for the actual transfer of my own blood cells to my knee and I have an appointment a week before so he can inject some Prolozone which is Vitamin D and Ozone into my knees so there will be less inflammation and prepare the site for the newcomers. I am eager to do it and now comes the hard part… waiting.  We humans like to be busy and do something but the waiting is hard and there is nothing to do but wait. I am imaging what it will be like to actually walk normally and not be looking ahead to decide if I can walk or would it be better to use my scooter.  I always seem to be deciding even in my own home, what would take the least amount of steps or standing. But….to actually do it again without even any thought will be a miracle, a miracle of freedom.

To expand upon my journey with the hearing aid, it is a gift to me that Costco is always there for me when I have a question.  I had my first experience with a party with a lot of talking.  I went to a baby shower and you know us women.  We do talk a lot and it was very loud and I could not find the way to shut my hearing off and still be able to talk to the woman across the table from me.  So, off I go to see Ron at Costco and he gave me quite an awakening as to what the hearing aid actually does.  My thought was that it raised the volume of whatever I was hearing so I kept trying to lower the volume.  Well, what I did not know was that it only raises or lowers the volume of whatever tone you cannot hear.  It only raises or lowers that tone.  I can hear the deeper tones fine but the high tones I have a problem with.  What I was doing as I played with the volume control was only raising the volume on the high tones which caused those tones to become tinny sounding and made what I was hearing even more irritating.  The secret to a hearing aid is to have BALANCE in all the tones. Who says that at age 80, you are supposed to know everything?  I never imagined that I would have so many questions and lack of knowledge about wearing a hearing aid. Here is something else I do not know much about.

Do you know what the Light Body is?  I have heard about this for a long time but did not understand it.  I listened to Jim Self and have a broader understanding yet it still does not feel complete to me.  I have hope that as I grow spiritually that it will become clearer to me.  See what you think.

Today is February 1st and Jayme Price has the February Ascension energies for us. This is the video.

If you wish the written version, here it is

Here is someone I usually do not hear from but this is a special one just for February.

How often do you ever think about the “supporters” or “employees “of your favorite teams?

Who says there are no “miracles”.  I know I heard about the bear when the child was first recovered but then silence descended about the bear because it made no sense to our rational minds. The child had no fear of the bear, how many children have stuffed bears? In his mind, there was no fear so the bear was not rejected but totally accepted as a “friend’ of which he has seen and played with many times. I, for one, am very pleased and happy that the child is safe and that the animal kingdom once again has shown its side of helpfulness and kindness.

Our Spring thaw is in place now and Mother Nature is giving us a reprieve after the record breaking cold and snow that she gifted to us.