Interesting information about the times we are in right now by Aluna.

Happy International Day of Peace! (Sept 21)

Please send out peace, love and respect for all living beings! Every human being is worthy and deserves love and respect.

The Mayan Astrology for this day is Visionary.

10 Men (Kiche traditional) – 4 Imix (Mayan Astrology)

These Mayan days tell us that this day can bring about and ground the birth of a higher vision for the Earth and all living beings. Let us pray that this is so. We truly need this birthing and grounding to create a foundation stone for what is to come. We encourage you to hold this intent all day in your heart. Hang tight, and anchor the frequencies of this day as we will need this as we travel further into this cycle. And SO IT WILL BE.I wish I had known this yesterday but I am sure you and I could still send Mother Earth the loving energy of freedom on her day)

 Have a Blessed Equinox (Sept 22 at 1:02 PM PDT)

The following day, after the international day of peace, holds a drastically different frequency as we enter Equinox.

The Mayan Astrology for this day is Clearing.
11 Ajmak (Kiche traditional) – 5 Ik (Mayan Astrology)
This days speaks about the dissolving of the traditional, warrior spirit paradigm, and the dissolving of the programming around traditional community and society. It speaks about the great need to be flexible and empowered to be super resilient as we travel through yet another huge flux of transformational energy. The Star Elders used the phrase “spiritual resilience” in a very strong way to me today. May these two days combined bring sacredness back to the world in a higher form.

Due to circumstances beyond my control with a computer glitch is the reason for this newsletter to be late. I wanted to share this article by Ann Albers with you as it was right on the mark for me.  It is a great reminder how we can remain more calm in the eye of a storm.


Perhaps you will need to reread the above after watching the predictions for October by Steve Rother and the Group. I know it helped me put things into perspective.


What an  inspiration  these girls are.  Let’s help this excellent viewpoint go viral.

It isn’t always the big sacrifices that make the news.  This is a small sacrifice that this bus driver made but what a huge impact it had. It was accomplished by an everyday person doing his everyday job.  What an impact all of us everyday people could make just by going a little beyond what is expected of us.  I have great hope for humanity even when all of the  “good” Samaritans  do not get recognitions for the small things they do.

If hummingbirds can come together and not fight, what an example of how humanity can put aside its normal habits and share their  joy with others.

Love and Light

Mary Grace