Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for you, my readers.  You spur me on to greater and greater awareness as I search the internet for articles that touch my heart.  If they touch me, I know they will touch you.  What a wonderful way to connect to each other.

This is a day where we consciously remember ALL that we have to be grateful for.  This is a song that touched me deeply and I saved it to share with you today.  Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong?  That you were born perhaps into the wrong family?  That maybe you were adopted but no one told you? Just know that every soul feels that way at some time in their life.  This song will soothe you into knowing that you belong and so does everyone else.

I am grateful to be part of your family.  I love you.

Listen and enjoy.


Love and Light

Mary Grace




What a play on words this is.  A truth displayed for ALL to see and hear. I give thanks for you; I honor you for the opportunity that you give me to be myself. Without you, I would not be the transmitter of GOOD NEWS which in turn allows me to be the instrument of a Higher Power.

Even the numbers are in resonance with TRUTH.  The signs are everywhere and Mother Earth is using all her methods of communication to speak to you.  Let’s take a moment to absorb the Love that is shining through every available portal opening at this time.

Let us be in the attitude of gratitude. What is the attitude of gratitude?  How can we feel it even amidst the pain we might be feeling?

What mother would not do what this woman did?  You would do the same thing if you were physically in this situation, you would offer love to the child and to the mother who was hurting for her child. Mother Earth  would do the same thing for you if she was allowed.

And….it is not only adults feeding children; it is the children feeding each other.  It is simply one human being helping another human being at this particular moment in time.  We have all done this at one time even if we have forgotten.  It is one human being helping another human being while sharing the same planet as our home.

This article reminds me of the lowly Turkey vulture who is so ugly with his bald head but oh so grandiose in the sky as he soars majestically. His head needs to be bald as he is the garbage collector who keeps our Earth free of all the dead carcasses. We cannot judge a book by his cover nor should we.  WE (which is you) are so badly needed to be just who we are.

Thank YOU for being in my life and sharing this very special day with me.

Love and Light

Mary Grace




I am sitting here with the sun streaming in my window and on me as I write this newsletter to you. I am so grateful for you, my friend and subscriber.  Without you, I would have no one to share the good news that I come across or the wisdom and love that are shared with me through the loving wisdom of others just like us. Your interest allows me to multiply what is out in the world for us to see and know.

Holidays can be tough on some of us as we individually deal with all the myriads of past memories, some good and some painful. I love holidays as it gives us an excuse to mingle with our family and an opportunity to keep in touch. Thanksgiving is all about food and I give myself permission to eat a few more calories than normal.  This is an  article  that is a perfect example of how our exfamily can be just as close to us as we allow.  This is what I wish for our planet, that we can all be one with one another.  We are one species on one planet so we are one whether we recognize it or not.

Guess what I just found?  A way to have Good News Network right on your phone so you can get a pick me up at any time.  This is also a great way to share more of our humanity’s goodness with each other.  I have a flip top phone so I can’t use the app but I want to share it with all of you.  This could go viral.

This idea is so great that I hope it goes viral and our school management can implement it all around our country.

Check out this article, especially the prayer.

Love and Light

Mary Grace