Beloveds, This could not wait until Friday as the Solstice is tomorrow. What an opportunist this is to share in the energy of this powerful Solstice and you can join at any time and be connected. Do not be alone on this powerful and special day when you have this opportunity to be energetically connected with other like minded souls.

Hello Magical One,

I’ve got an invitation for you to to join our annual SOULSTICE Event! The Academy Radio Show is hosting the event, and we really strive to create an Amazing experience for everyone. This year, we have a wonderful mix of our own Academy Master Teachers and emerging graduates, as well as some invited guests!

On this journey, our dedicated practice to opening will honor the lingering energy of the winter solstice…by resting more than doing, by dreaming more than acting and by diving into ourselves.

Recharge your energy field and activate your Soul’s yearnings that carry you to new heights.

Here’s the link to the Soulstice Event schedule:

There will be a special PRE-EVENT LAUNCH where I will be doing…


for as many people as possible while time permits.

Don’t miss the PRE-EVENT LAUNCH!

Date: December 21st Time: 3:00pm PT

Webcast link for PRE-EVENT LAUNCH:

Phone: (425) 440-5100

Code: 758884#

What to expect… Immediately following the PRE-LAUNCH call…

It all starts at 3:33 pm PT on 12/21 where I will launch us into a Divine experience of Manifesting with the power of the Creatrix within. From that point, each host will offer their special gift as a Guided Meditation, Process or Activation on the 1/2 hour. You can tune in anytime you like – each host has a unique style and presentation on various subjects, so it should be a lot of Fun.

Beyond the transformational guided journeys, activations and processes, you’ll find a moment of honoring the depths of your Soul. We are like nature and need a respite. Take refuge in the Heart and discover more of who you are…

Nourishment begins from within, intend to use this Soulstice Event to nurture your Soul into becoming ~ You.

I’ll see you there and I just know you’ll enjoy all the wonderful activations to nurture your Spirit for the coming year. It’s time for us to live a life of unbounded energy, Joy and Abundance. I believe this event will contribute to a life of wellness, please join me.


Blessings and Love to you,


P.S. If you’d like to share this with your friends you can, just send them this direct link to sign up:

P.P.S Happy Solstice! I’m wishing you all the Best during this most precious time of rejuvenation and I promise to continue to connect with you from the heart.

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Oh, the joys of owning a vehicle. I am thrilled that it has not snowed yet because it is making traveling easier. My mechanic is about 40 miles away from me but I have had him for 35 years and I trust him implicitly. We have had many journeys with my vehicles and he has always been there for me. We ladies need to be scrupulously careful about whom we believe when it comes to our cars because most of us do not know much about them. He does not do Inspection stickers so I need to go to someone else for that. One time I went to a garage for an inspection sticker and he said I needed some work done under the car (I can’t remember now what it was) and when I refused to let him do the repairs, he gave me a rejection sticker. I brought it to Teta’s Automotive in Chicopee, my mechanic. I asked him if I really needed that job done and he smiled and said I could have gone a while before it was necessary but since I had a rejection sticker, I had to have it done in order to get a new inspections sticker. Believe me, they were not happy to see me or vice versa, when I returned to get a new sticker. You have to bring it back to the station that rejected you!!! I have never returned to that station again.

Back to what I was saying before I got sidetracked. I took my car yesterday morning for its regular oil change and car rotation. Everything was fine but when I got on the highway to come home. The car would vibrate as if a tire was loose when I hit 63 MPH or above. I called and was told to bring it back this morning so they could check it and put the tires back the way they were. They re-rotated the tires at no charge and recommended a tire place to have a wheel alignment which I did. I was told that they needed balancing so we proceeded with that. He said everything looked fine afterwards but on the way home, on the highway again, the car started to shake more like before. I called the tire alignment place and he said to have Paul Teta drive it to see what he thought was the matter. I called Paul and he said since it wasn’t the tire rotation that caused it to begin with that he would have to drive the car to get some sense of what is happening. He warned me though that I might have to leave the car there for perhaps 2 days for it to be repaired as he knows I do not have any other transportation. He cannot take it for a ride until next Tuesday so I have a few days to find out where I can rent a car for two days. I love my vehicle; it is a 2004 Toyota Rav4 which has just gone over the 100,000 mile mark. I am REALLY grateful that there is no snow and I hope it will hold off until my car is repaired.

Episodes like this are reminders to me of how much I have to be grateful for and the people who take such good care of me. Here is a quote from Abraham that helps in frustrating times:

“A feeling of being overwhelmed is your indicator that you are denying yourself access to all manner of cooperation that could assist you if you were not disallowing them.

As you begin to feel freer regarding the expenditure of time and money, doors will open, people will come to assist you, refreshing and productive ideas will occur to you, and circumstances and events will unfold. As you change the way you feel, you access the Energy that creates worlds. It is there for your ready access at all times.


Excerpted from: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008”

In this Christmastime, nerves are getting a little frayed as we rush to and fro to have a Perfect Christmas. Just know that it is you and your loving presence that is the most important thing that all of your relatives and friends like to see. BE YOU and the rest will flow.

The true spirit of Christmas which is the most important feeling all year long.

A message of hope by Steve Rother.

Remember that Monday, Dec 21, is the winter solstice. It is the longest night of the year and the shortest day. To me, it reminds me that all of the darkness that is showing up not only in the weather but in the world is now on the way out. The day, the Light will get stronger each and every day so there will be less and less darkness. I want to you give you a smile to take with you until Christmas Day. Let’s shine the light out to the world each and every day.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Here I sit, basking in the sun as I sit at my computer writing to you as I have my morning cup of coffee with cream. The windows on the side of my house that face the lake only let in the sun in the summer. All year long, the sun comes through my windows on the other side that faces my street so I have sun all winter long (when it is out) and I can even open my kitchen door and let the sun shine through the full glass storm door. I love the sun coming in and warming my home and giving me the opportunity to sun bathe.

The lake thawed out since my last newsletter until last night. We had the deepest frost and this morning the lake does not have ice at only the edge, the edge is the only place that is free flowing. Of course, you realize that it is still a thin film of ice, not frozen as it will be later in the year. I am chuckling now as I had watched the 22-24 geese out on the ice this morning. Some were just standing on the ice, some were being still in the water as their weight had cracked the ice (they could not get up because the ice kept cracking as they tried) so they were just sitting in that little puddle of free water. Some had made it up onto the lawn and were happily chomping down the grass. One was very still and quite far from the others. When I first moved here 19 years ago, I feared that the ducks were frozen in place as I watched this spectacle. Yet no duck ever really got stuck so I let that fear go as I just enjoy watching this yearly occasion that they take for granted. I finally saw one goose that was able to get up and out, then avoiding the other breakthroughs that were made, walk to the edge of the property without falling in and that far away one did the same. Then one that must have been quite determined not to use his/her wings to get out, just kept paddling, breaking the ice in front so it finally was able to reach shore.

Yesterday, I really got a treat as the 3 Hooded Mergansers stayed in front of my beach for quite a while. I love it when they do that as with my binoculars, I can really appreciate their beauty and colors close up. Then after they left, the other dabblers (divers) came. The pair of ring necked ducks came and spent quite a bit of time in front of my beach also. None of these spend that much time in front where I can really see all their details but this morning I realized that they had come to say goodbye to me. They knew with an animal’s knowing that the water would be more frozen today so they were leaving to continue their migrating journey to warmer waters.

I know the solstice is two weeks away but I wanted you to be aware of what an auspicious time this will be and the true meaning behind it.



The following is a link to a short video that the Company of Heaven helped to orchestrate in order to prepare us for Cosmic Moments like the one we will experience during the December Solstice on December 20-21, 2014.

By watching this video throughout the month of December and invoking this powerful Gift of Divine Love as often as we can, we will greatly assist in forming the Global foundation of Divine Love that will birth the life-transforming year of 2015.

This month has many facets to it and since it is the busiest month of the year, you need reminders to take some time for yourself and breathe. You are busy remembering everyone else so give yourself what you wish for others. Your energy is so needed so make sure your glass is full so your love will just trickle to others quite easily with no effort on your part.

This excerpt from Dee Wallace makes so much sense. I know I need reminders of WHO I AM and who created me and for what and how to do it. Phew! Try it, you’ll like it.

This is the story BEHIND the picture that rocked the world.

This is for you animal lovers out there. An opportunity to help also.

I love this time of year as there is so much LOVE flowing out there; so many forms of LOVE that it touches every human soul. I know you are busy and trying to meet deadlines for the holidays but just take a few moments to breathe, laugh at yourself and others, see the beauty all around you and especially, watch the children’s eyes. They will bring you the true meaning of these holidays. Be the example of what they will become.