It is hard to believe physically that tomorrow is the first day of August. Why does summer go by so fast when the other seasons seem to last much longer? We did not have our 5 day heat wave which is OK with me as I sit here with my window open and the light dry breeze and the sun coming in to bathe me with its energy. Yet, the heat waves are what heats up the water in the lake so it feels like your bathing in the spring fed water. The beach is much quieter this year as fewer people come down to enjoy it. I know the young children who used to squeal with delight are now grown up in the later years of teen hood. We do have a few smaller children again but the parents are so busy that they don’t get to come as often as they would like. I am intent on enjoying each and every moment as life does change yet I can enjoy each cycle of life with gusto. When I was younger I used to wonder about the older people. What did they have to do and what did they do? The saying that retired people have: “I don’t know how I ever found the time to work?” is so very true. I am much more content to just sit and enjoy the breeze or the sun than I ever was before. It is also wonderful not to HAVE to do anything you don’t want to do.

My bus trip went to Ogunquit, Maine last week as a side trip. There was a trail alongside the ocean which I was hoping to go on with my scooter. The tour people told me that they were not sure I could go the whole mile with my scooter as there might be steps along the way. I decided I would try it anyway and it was so much fun. The beach and the ocean were below so we were up away from it but the view was great. There were a lot of benches along the way where people could stop and enjoy the scenery. I was so glad that I went as the only stairs that were there led down to the beach so I got to do the whole mile from beginning to end. It was also a great test for the scooter as it went up the elevated parts and down the other side with much ease. I just needed to remember to adjust the speed from turtle to rabbit or vice versa. There are no brakes as it automatically brakes when you take your finger off the forward or reverse levers. It made me feel like a young kid on a scooter and it made many people smile.

Summer is a great time to create memories and treat yourself to those that are waiting for you to enjoy.

The blue moon is happening right now and it is powerful. It is leading a more peaceful and tranquil energy into the Earth and the Love will shine much more in every aspect of life which includes loving our self with less judgement. Here is another aspect of the blue moon from Selacia.

I was surprised to hear that the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway began on 7/26/15. Isn’t that the day that the beloved black maned lion was killed? Coincidence? I don’t think so; it is actually bringing more attention to the Lion’s Gateway. Here is some info on this that you might find interesting.

Jamye Price has been a contributor to Spirit Library for quite a while yet I wasn’t attracted to her messages. I decided to give her a try and was pleasantly surprised. This message is very interesting and thought provoking so I thought I would share it with you.

I have had a soft spot for bees ever since they began having their crisis. One of my friends was a bee keeper and he would share some of his honey with me. Without bees to pollinate, our food source would severely suffer. They are invaluable to the human race and our survival. I was so happy to find this article that shows how they are doing.