Tomorrow is 11/11, an extremely powerful day.  I will be joining Maureen Moss at 2pm tomorrow and hope you have the opportunity to join us.  If not, just set an intention and ask to be connected and you will be.  In truth, it does not matter if you join a group or what group you join.  It is your willingness to be together with ALL who are joining this immense “world” intention that the portal be open for humanity.  I love joining a group because it increases my awareness to be with everyone for the same purpose…THE NEW BEGINNING

Patricia Cota-Robles will be leading her group too.  She says:  The NEW facet of the Divine Plan that our Father-Mother God, and the Legions of Light who assist them are setting into motion is designed to empower and exponentially expand the Lightwork that every single person on Earth has volunteered to accomplish in this Lifetime. During this powerful time of New Beginnings, we are being asked to encode the Template for this NEW facet of the Divine Plan into the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth. This is being accomplished in the Eternal Moment of NOW, so no matter when you are reading these words your magnificent Light is being woven into this Template.

I have never seen one of these or even heard its name. They are called Pangolin.  It comforts me to know that some humans are caring for livingcreatures  unknown to me that would be extinct if not for them.

Lee Harris has his monthly newsletter and it is about the high emotions we are experiencing and also the Birth Energy.  It is a short video which I think you will enjoy.

This article brought me to tears.  I have worn glasses most of my life but at least they made my vision better.  Now humans who are color blind can see the actual beauty of what Nature was created to be.  Take a peak for yourself and see the  difference.

Here is another short interesting viewpoint on 11/11. It is from Selacia, enjoy.

Love and Light

Mary Grace