Do you fear physical body ascension? Do you believe it is actually happening?  I too, have my moments of doubt that this is happening but the signs keep showing up to tell me that this time in our evolution is actually real. Look for the miracles, they are happening.  Most of these “miracles” are small and may occur for only an instant but you do feel them and see them.   This time is not just for the highly evolved, the ones you look to for guidance.  It is for us to accept WHO we are and LOVE who we are, just the way we are. Your heart has all the answers and solutions you need.  The easy way to connect to your heart is through your breath.  Meditation alters your breathing pattern and allows you the time and energy to connect to yourself, your own advice, your own love for you. Have no fear in heeding its advice, after all, it comes from YOUR heart.  In fact, it is fun just  like a puzzle game where you add each piece separately and watch how the larger picture materializes.  Lisa Transcendence Brown has quite an explanationof this.

Jamye Price explains this in very easy terminology to understand and more completely that I did above.  It is worth the read and is called Divine Communication.

A FREE  6 week course is being offered by Sheila Gillette who channels Theo,  a collective of 12 Archangels   I have watched the first two and I like the simplicity of what is being offered.

Know yourself, Love yourself, LOVE your life.

Esther Hicks and Abraham’s newest talk. I had to listen again to some parts so I could absorb it into my mind even if my heart understood perfectly.  When you accept how perfect you are your world will change

This is the love we are all seeking for.  This is also the love we can give to ourselves.  It just seems easier to give it to the ones we love that to ourselves.  Let this be an example of how much God loves us and that means we are worthy of this much LOVE.  Smile and let it in.

This just came in “seconds” before I was going to send this newsletter to you.  Since Monday is the full moon and the beginning of the Eclipse Season, I know this information will be valuable to you.  In a way, another miracle happened as it supports and expands on what I have written in this newsletter.  Enjoy this MIRACLE of stunning shifts.

Love and Light

Mary Grace