It was wonderful to receive the love I sent out with my spontaneous valentine newsletter come back to me multiplied.  WE were part of that rainbow that surrounded Mother Earth with the LOVE that was so needed. Thank you for taking part in this with me.  Know that it is still encircling you and the earth.

This article shows the highest form of LOVE on Valentine’s Day. It is not a day just for couples but for true love that knows no bounds and does not need reciprocation. The joy is in the giving as well as in the receiving. Do you think he knows just how contagious his love is?  He is a big part of the rainbow.

Who would have thought that seeing  kindness  given by another would win out over all other means of lifting your heart?

This is quite an example of how we never know that what we do is really valuable to others.  Have you ever heard of paintception?  I had not either but now I know and it made me smile as I discovered what it is.

I am always in awe of what the human mind can create.  It looks so effortless but it takes many trials to achieve the final result.  I am sure many of you will be happy to wear these.  Our human minds are so incredible.

Here is proof that stem cell treatment can work.  This young boy was cured by using umbilical cord stem cells.  Are you a mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend, etc. of someone who is pregnant?  If the parents are not saving the umbilical cord for them or their child, perhaps they do not know that they could donate the cord so someone else who would be healed. Please share this with others, it would do so much good for another human. Umbilical cord blood can go to any other human, it is not necessary to have the same blood type.  I am having stem cell in my knees but the doctor will be using my own stem cells which are the method I have chosen for myself. This is innovating medicine and is the future happening right now. Let’s give a shout out for humans helping other humans with something that is priceless and only available from another human being.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I wish to honor all the veterans and their families on Monday, 11/11 for Veterans Day.
They give us what our Congress will not give us..,.trust and safety. Let’s thank them in any way we can.

Has the energy of the past weekend brought up emotions or challenges that you thought you had already dealt with? Nov 1 is the on-going Uranus/Pluto Square as well as the weekend we set the clocks back an hour so it gets dark seemingly so much earlier. November’s Scorpio new Moon, occurring on November 3, is a Solar Hybrid Eclipse. It has been a week of events that shake us to the core. An astrologer said : It has powerful karmic overtones and poses the question: what do you deny and how do you do it?
This an email I sent to my friend in California:

My surgery is scheduled for 12/3/2013, only a month away. The closer it gets, the more apprehensive I get. Just the surgery is enough to get my heart pounding because of the pain afterwards and the incessant physical therapy. Yet, I have given my body, my knee 11 years to mend itself as I still believe in miracles and also in the body healing itself. I want my freedom back, freedom to grocery shop without pain, freedom to go for a walk, freedom to go anywhere I choose, freedom to pick a vacation I would like rather than one that is more sedentary, freedom to go on bus trips which all require some walking. I guess I just want to be free again. I was diagnosed with MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity about 35 years ago and you can’t have surgery without chemicals. In fact, the glue they use in my knee replacement – one had antibiotics in it that I can’t have and the other one is on the list that I get a reaction to. Right now, after much prodding from me, they are going to do a patch test on me with both to see my reaction. I wish they would hurry to do this as I need time to recover if I react. Then….the anesthesia, I have been trying to get a talk with the actual anesthesiologist to see if he had the only anesthesia my body will accept and if he does, will he use it?My body does not like antibiotics and that is a requirement as well as having to be on pain medication which does not set well with my body. I have to wait for a week before surgery when all of us knee replacements spend the day getting tests and talking to everyone under the sun including anesthesia. I will have lists for all of them so I am busy compiling the lists. With having to be gluten free and all of my other cannothave food, it will be interesting.

Guess what? The phone just rang and the surgeon cancelled my knee replacement because of all of my chemical sensitivities. He is uncomfortable doing the procedure with so many possibilities of me getting a reaction. I am in shock right now. I know the Universe has a reason for this but all I am feeling now is disappointment in not getting the freedom I so want. Talk to you later.,

This is an example of what the energies are helping us look at. I am trying not to judge myself for the tears and the huge let down I feel after I worked so hard to “steel” myself for the surgery. Nowadays I usually only cry tears when I am happy but this has stirred something in me that I cried tears today as a beautiful conifer tree was taken down. When I opened my blinds for breakfast, I saw this HUGE black thing sticking up into the sky on my neighboring street. It looked like a TV or phone tower had been erected. Suddenly it started to move and sloped with a huge rope at the end. There was a huge magnificent fir or spruce tree that would have made New York’s Christmas tree look small in comparison. It took the man in the basket many times to hook up the rope and then cut the tree in pieces so it could be brought down by this huge crane(?) Each piece he cut looked big enough to be a whole tree on its own. I could not help myself, my hands went to my mouth as I saw the top come off and then the tears flowed.

I am going to have another “patch” test but that will not be until the middle of December. I am checking into the possibility of stem cell therapy per my friend, Jan, In California. Another friend, Katie, took me out to lunch today ( a real mood lifter) and she told me we have the best hospitals in the Nation…New England Baptist where all the athletes and actors go and also Brigham and Young where stem cell research is prominent. She is a wealth of information so there is a light
at the end of the tunnel. And….it is not a train.,

There is light at the end of the tunnel
Quiet the mind
Follow your heart
Take your first step
Make your way step by step as the first rays of sunlight pierce the darkness
Continue on to the end (or is it the entrance)
and be bathed in the light of new presence
Cathy Olsen <>

This video is quite a reminder to me that TRUST is the secret ingredient to manifesting what it is we would love to have.

Daisy, the Little Pup Who Believed

It is not often we get the chance to see something in real life so uplifting. If you enjoy this video then be sure to share it on to all your friends.

Just click on the web site below:

This is an article that touched me deeply and it spoke of truth. I could not have said it any better than she has..

Love and Light

Mary Grace