It was wonderful to receive the love I sent out with my spontaneous valentine newsletter come back to me multiplied.  WE were part of that rainbow that surrounded Mother Earth with the LOVE that was so needed. Thank you for taking part in this with me.  Know that it is still encircling you and the earth.

This article shows the highest form of LOVE on Valentine’s Day. It is not a day just for couples but for true love that knows no bounds and does not need reciprocation. The joy is in the giving as well as in the receiving. Do you think he knows just how contagious his love is?  He is a big part of the rainbow.

Who would have thought that seeing  kindness  given by another would win out over all other means of lifting your heart?

This is quite an example of how we never know that what we do is really valuable to others.  Have you ever heard of paintception?  I had not either but now I know and it made me smile as I discovered what it is.

I am always in awe of what the human mind can create.  It looks so effortless but it takes many trials to achieve the final result.  I am sure many of you will be happy to wear these.  Our human minds are so incredible.

Here is proof that stem cell treatment can work.  This young boy was cured by using umbilical cord stem cells.  Are you a mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend, etc. of someone who is pregnant?  If the parents are not saving the umbilical cord for them or their child, perhaps they do not know that they could donate the cord so someone else who would be healed. Please share this with others, it would do so much good for another human. Umbilical cord blood can go to any other human, it is not necessary to have the same blood type.  I am having stem cell in my knees but the doctor will be using my own stem cells which are the method I have chosen for myself. This is innovating medicine and is the future happening right now. Let’s give a shout out for humans helping other humans with something that is priceless and only available from another human being.

Love and Light

Mary Grace