Just to let you know that I am fine and operating at the fullest capacity that I have had in the last few years.  I am awaiting my miracle with the stem cell procedure and will let you know when it happens.  Thanks for being with me during this unusual procedure.  You know how I like new inventions and creations and now I am part of one.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel that I am in The Twilight Zone when I read or hear about all of these latest inventions or creations.  Here is news about a substance that will be perfect for making buildings or BONES?  What a boon that will be to us humans who break a bone or have osteoporosis or imagine having a home with this material. My mind is truly boggled and I wanted to share with you just what is right down the road.  Check what this material is made from?

Would you like another mind boggler idea?????? I know that real crystals are powerful but plastic ones??????

Here is Jamye Price and her May 2019 Ascension Energies speaking to us about change.  Is that necessary?  You know that if you wait a minute things will change but do you actually remember to do that? We get so caught up with the moment and forget to use that moment to bring the change we wish to see.

Have you noticed that your communication with others is different? Are you able to read more into the conversation or are you understanding more than what is being said? Don’t panic, there is such freedom when we no longer have to watch every word we say by Brenda Hoffman.

Can one person make a difference to a new generation?  Watch how this man gave teenagers a taste of freedom. I wish this could be experienced by all the young hearted who have never given themselves this kind of freedom.  These kids could start a revolution. Who knew that conversation would be a bygone pleasure?

I just received these ideas this morning and want to end this newsletter by putting a smile on your face and awesome wonder at simplicity.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



I am in for a real test to see if I am ready for change.  I have never had an air conditioner and frankly, I do not like air conditioning.  It is too cold.  I need to carry a sweater everywhere I go from church to shopping at stores and even to visits with family and friends who have air conditioning.  If I need to make a preference, I prefer being too warm to being too cold. And…if I get too warm I can go jump in the lake.

Well, my son has talked me into buying a portable air conditioner and so far it has been quite a journey.  I do not like my windows blocked and the only window that the exhaust can be put in is on the side of my house that I see the lake from.  I have found out that I won’t be able to move the air conditioner as it needs to be connected to a window to work right.  I have two windows, one in my spare room and one in my master bedroom.  Every time I walk by these rooms, I look out the window at the lake.  Now one of these windows in my spare room will be partially blocked as I refuse to have it in my master bedroom even if that is where I need it most for these humid nights. I had originally agreed to this because I thought I would be able to move it myself as it is on wheels.  But, guess what, I won’t be able to move the contraption in the window so it has to stay where my son puts it.

Have you ever been on a journey where the facts constantly change?  Well, I am on one and I am really trying to accept the changes with ease and grace but sometimes I simply do not like the changes.  I will let you know next week how this goes and if I can accept the air conditioner with some kind of graceful acceptance.

I am really working on accepting change as this beautiful little girl is accepting her changes.  I hope I  jump for joy  like her.

Here is perhaps a better example of the  elders  showing courage to the younger generation.

This story really touched me and made me so proud to be part of this human race.  There is more good that we don’t see or experience than what we do see.

Can you put up with another cow story?  This one will surprise you as it did me.  Scroll down also and click on the links of the other short cow stories, they will make you smile.

And….this one is about the younger generation showing all of us how to make a difference in our world; one small act  at a time.

Love and Light

Mary Grace