Well, I am snowed in, how about you?  Living on a lake is heaven most of the time but not in a snowstorm.  The wind is so strong and the temps are so low that my storm door glass is frozen ice from top to bottom on the inside.  I went out 5 times yesterday to clear my stoop before the snow could get higher than the door because then I am really “snowed in”.  I got up this morning and I am “snowed in”.  I can’t see out because of the ice and I can’t open the door to either get out or to look out. I have two young men who come to plow and shovel me out but since this is a bad storm, it will be much later. They have quite a few commercial accounts in the neighboring state ( I border Ct) and they usually get to me at the end of their jaunt with the snow.  I was extremely grateful to them that they plowed me Christmas morning before my kids came.

With the kind of constant wind we are having, I am not sure even if they plowed and shoveled me if it would last.  It is so funny to see bare sand on the beach, brown snow in my yard, snowmobiles having a ball bobbing up and down as they slide over the dunes of snow on the lake. My yard and driveway look like a whiter desert with all the designs and beauty of the sand in a desert. I just wish there was something I could do to keep my stoop clear of snow when it is windy.  Any suggestions?  So far, no one has been able to come up with a solution for me. The sun is out so maybe my storm door window will thaw and the ice around the door will thaw so at least I can feel less trapped inside. But…why would I want to go out in this kind of weather anyway?  It’s all in the mind, just the fact that I can’t get out of my house makes me feel trapped but I am not.  I am fed and warm and safe.

Hey, in case I fall in, you will know how to free me. It’s a good day for aheartwarming chuckle.

This is a short and simple explanation of what this New Year holds for you and for all of us.  Although it is about astrology, it does not separate us into different messages for different signs.  It explained the numerological meanings in simple terms that everyone can use to make the most of all opportunities that the New Year will offer.

Can you look back on 2017 and see the advances humanity has made? Here in one message are the most stunning ones that you may not be aware of. Good and  inspiring reading  while inside from snow.

While we are looking back so we can move forward, pay attention to some of the  awe inspiring moments  you may not have known about.

This story is such a good representation of what our future is. Male-female, black-white, government-voters, crooks-law-abiding and homeless-financially secure have all come together to help one another regardless of status. Let’s make it happen  worldwide.

The sun is out and shining in my home.  My storm door glass is now thawed so I can wipe it clean and see even more of the beautiful designs the winds are creating. I am going to sun bathe here in my home and bring back the summer feeling while the wind is creating whirlwinds of snow right outside my window.  It is beautiful when I get out of my mind and just enjoy the beauty as well as getting Vitamin D.

Love and Light