I sincerely hope that this newsletter finds all of you safe and dry.  These hurricanes, storms and earthquakes are popping up all over this Earth.  Here, I got a lot of rain (what else is new this year) but no damage or power outages.  We have had so much rain that there are parts of my lawn that my mowers have not been able to mow certain spots because of the water.  Of course, you know I have the audacity to be right in the path of the water wanting to reach the lake.

In the past 3 weeks, I have caught and relocated 8 mice.  You read right,  8 of them.  I have no idea how they are getting in my home but they seem to be seeking shelter for some reason.  Tomorrow night might be the first frost of the season so you know what is coming.  My son, Steve, is coming over in an hour to check out around my house for holes or any other means of entry. One of them actually made me laugh.  I was so confident that I had gotten them all after 3 of them when suddenly; one scooted across my living room floor right in front of me watching TV.  When I was child, they would run under my bed at night as we lived in a barn while the front house was bring rented out. I am so glad I am not scared of them but I still do not like them being in my house.

With so many storms increasingly across our planet, I thought you might like to know more about some of the causes.  Knowledge is power and I believe in knowing all we can about any situation.


Here ar two good articles that bring some insight to what is happening in your world. As I was doing this, I suddenly realized that both of these women have the same last name?????



Are you disgusted with our everyday use of plastic but do not know how to make any changes?  Check this out and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train.


As I read this, I found myself deeply appreciating and honoring these donors as well.  Such deep and profound respect for another human being, lets have this go viral.


Here is another human who is honoring and respecting another human who happens to be a child. Let all of us become like children and respect each other across the board.