Spring has Sprung.  We have all been holding our breath waiting for the warmth and new growth to show up.  The other day I was sitting in my living room with the storm door open and the screen door was letting in the warm air, it smelled so good. I had the kitchen window open opposite the door and I could actually hear the birds singing.  It felt like the perfection I had been waiting so long for. I could just sit and breathe it all in.  We have been waiting so long to feel this free with nature. I have been out kayaking and trying to get out when the wind is calm but Mother Nature is having fun with me.  It starts calm and then when I get to the last mile, the wind picks up and then the water gets its waves and it is a lot tougher to get back home. One day I fooled her and went out in the kayak when the waves and wind were strong.  I just sat in my kayak and let the waves rock me like the wind was rocking me in a rocking chair.  I did not get far but I had a lot of fun.

Happy Mother’s Day!  What a model for mother’s love is Mother Teresa.  This is a note that was found hanging on her wall.  Forgiveness and Love were prominent in her life, can we imitate her?  I bet we can and guess what, we already do. Look and you shall find.

What a novel idea to consider!  Are you familiar with 3D, 4D and 5D?  Where are you in this spectrum?  Listen to Jill Renee Feeler and find out.  I bet you will be surprised.

Do you exercise or like to exercise?  I used to when my body cooperated more fully.  This shortvideo is an explanation of how the number 10 can be worked into your daily schedule and you won’t even know it.  Try it, you will like it.

Are animals really our teachers?  I hope so, as this short clip verifies.  Smile!

Could you hold your breath for 6 minutes?  I think I kept holding mine while watching this video. What I found fascinating was watching when she let a bubble of air come out and how she ended her dance to come up.

Would you like a breath of fresh air?  Would you like to be more comfortable in this world of various energies?  Here is a message for you.

Love and Light

Mary Grace