I believe this is the latest I have ever sent out my newsletter.  This day has had many surprises that have kept me out of the house starting with early this morning.  I had an early doctor’s appointment which I had not expected but everything is fine or at least they have taken the tests that will prove it. I had to stop at grocery store to get foods that follow the BRAT diet.    Then I needed to deliver my youngest granddaughters’ birthday gift and visit for a while. Then I was expected to stop at my bank and do some banking that was supposed to be done earlier in the week. Then I needed to stop at a garage to see if he could fix my tire that has a slow leak which he could if I came back in an hour.  I finally got back home around 5:00pm and made a tough decision. I could get busy at this newsletter or do something I have been craving to do all winter.

I know you will forgive me but I went kayaking.  I have been closely watching the water, wind and the temperature and finally we had a warm day with the wind and water being calm.  You have to grab these opportunities when they appear.  It was so wonderful to get back in the water again even if it was in a kayak.  The last time an opportunity showed up for me was on February 21, 2018 and my kayak had not been released from its winter bondage.  You don’t expect that in February just like we don’t expect and Winter Storm Warning for tomorrow night and Sunday.  Mother Nature has a mind of her own and she does keep us guessing.  This weekend she is even confounding the weather man as it is supposed to go to 70 tomorrow and suddenly there will be crash down to 35????

I am not as sharp at this time of the day which is why I like to do this newsletter in the morning but this article really gave me an awareness that I did not have before reading it. I hope it does the same for you.

This video is quite thought provoking also.  I will warn you that it is lengthier than most videos but it also gave me a lot of food for thought.  WE are the instruments that are bringing the Christ to the Planet Earth but many of us are not aware of it.  Each one of us is so valuable and irreplaceable.

Breaking Good News which will affect almost every family on Earth.  There is not a family that is left untouched or unscathed from this devastating disease.

Our youth are doing what we could not do.  It is so great to see the advancing young ones who will create or perhaps I should say renew our Beloved Planet Earth.

Good news in miracle making.  Don’t give up.  What an example this is for all of us to remember when we feel like quitting.