This video and music is quite special and will bring the Lights of the World together. Angels of Peace Song – the Angels calling of the Light Workers. Please join me on July 5th for the Harmonic Convergence 2020.  If not possible, listen to this and you will be joined telepathically with all. Be the LIGHT that you are. Be the FIREWORKS that you wish to see. Be the MUSIC that you wish to hear.

This weekend is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is the moment in time where a new door (portal) opens.  Take advantage of the energy and opportunity to see, feel and know the new opportunities that are there for you.

Jayme Price is offering you the opportunity to realize the access you have to your own dimensional opening. I gained much needed awareness through this article and video of DNA activation.

There is so much controversy about the effectiveness of wearing masks. Here is one conclusion that was proven but it never started out as a test..they were not trying to prove anything, they were just trying to stay healthy.  See what you think about THIS.

Unknown heroes:  these are also the ones that we can celebrate this weekend by just being fueled by LOVE. I applaud them.  First       NOT last

There are so many of these people that deserve recognition for what they do from their heart.  I wish I could share all the “good” people in this world but I would never finish writing about them and you would never finish reading about them.  Please just know that the majority of this world is filled with “good” that goes unnoticed.  Heart and Love is the true pandemic and we do not need to be protected from it.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled and safe July 4th as we celebrate the heroes of the past and the heroes of the present.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace