Is it me or did summer heat come in June instead of in August? We had a 4 day heat wave of over 90 degrees, in fact, I have already gone in the lake 5 times and I usually wait until August when the lake water is warmer. I really was questioning my memory until I realized I went from my heavy robe into my summer one????? I now realize I never graduated from the winter one into the spring one, I went directly into the summer one. I am now chuckling at myself and also at Mother Nature.  She just loves to keep us guessing at what she will do next.

I have so many Baltimore Orioles this year and just a few hummingbirds.  What do they know that we don’t? Yet I saw a small frog the other day and they have practically gone into nonexistence.  When I first moved here 24 years ago, their song at night used to help me fall asleep.  There have not been any frog sounds for quite a few years but maybe they will come back now. It is amazing just how much we take for granted that is all around us. That is one gift from the corona virus, the time to hear and see all that we were too busy to notice before.

So many people are out of work that the beach right in front of me has a steady stream of parents and children who are enjoying the water. I love to watch these little children who are either not afraid of the depth of water so they need watching every second or they are leery of the loss of stability when they go deeper.  All personalities are on display but their wonderment is a joy to behold.

Lee Harris is giving an interview with Rebecca Shaper who is new to me.  I found her so interesting and hope you will be touched by her love and compassion for her brother. Rebecca Schaper is an author, filmmaker, philanthropist and mental health advocate. She co-directed and executive produced the award-winning documentary “A Sister’s Call” about her mission to bring her brother, Call Richmond, Jr. back from the depths of homelessness and schizophrenia. In this episode, Lee and Rebecca discuss how this divinely guided vision that took her 14 years to complete, led to deep healing and transformation in the family. Rebecca speaks compassionately to the unfortunate labels in mental health and why her mission is to give people hope so they never give up.

An unexpected moment in time can bring such JOY to everyone seeing this.

Children are irresistible when they allow their hearts to guide them.  We adults could learn so much from them if we just allowed our hearts to flow like theirs.

I just realized that most of this newsletter is about our younger generations. Can you tell I am in the elder generation?  These young ones so inspire me with their natural expressions of love. This young one deserved the prize for her creation which came naturally from HER HEART.

This prayer to Mother Mary touched me deep into my soul.  I just want to share that deep love with you.    
Love and Light

Mary Grace