As I looked out my bow window after raising the drapes, I was in awe.  Again.  Every time I am able to see the magnificence in front of me, it feels like the first time. The sun was out and there were just a few wispy clouds and the water was as still as glass.   I could see the cottages across the lake, the mountain range and the sky; all reflected in the water like a mirror reflects whatever is placed in front of it. I just absorbed the stillness, the beauty and the peace.  I did not want to move my eyes; I wanted to inhale the wholeness of the scene in front of me.  Eventually, I started to concentrate and focus on where the demarking line was between the physical reality and the duplicate being mirrored. It is very hard to see as it just so perfectly blends into one another. My heart leapt and I so wanted to be out there in my kayak so I could physically experience flowing through all the mirror images.  It is a psychedelic experience for sure. The lake mirrors exactly what is happening above it and even the side view

It was 33 degrees and much too cold to be out kayaking but my soul cried out to “feel” viscerally what I was seeing with my eyes. My mind was telling me that it would be useless to even try to go out as in a few short minutes; the lake would start to move so the mirror would no longer be. I told my mind to be still but In fact, that is what happened. Did I create the disturbance by just thinking about it? Do the past experiences in our life create the same experiences over and over again? The clouds above increased so the reflection was not as clear and then I could see the movement of the water begin from the other side of the shore, and then water movement began in the middle of the lake.  From fish or a mild breeze or maybe even a tide, I do not know why the water starts to curl but it does.

I am so blessed to live on the water so I see this peace more often than other people and still I want more. I cannot seem to picture this vision in my mind as powerfully as when it is occurring. After this week of tension, with so much emphasis on one candidate bad mouthing others, I choose this reality and let the hatred and jealousy go by the wayside. I try to feel it so deeply and send this peace around our planet so all of humanity may feel it.  I sincerely hope you felt what I was sending you this morning. Words cannot do justice to what I was wishing for you but yet, I still wanted to share it with you.

Selacia gives us an interpretation of what you can do though.  It is a new moon and we have an opportunity to choose what we want.


Do you believe in Santa Claus?


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This is a very special week with many opportunities.  Check out what could be in store for you.


Doesn’t this picture show people having FUN?  It makes you want to join in.  What a great way to meet people, chat with your neighbor and help someone out, all at the same time. I picture the whole planet doing this, want to join me?

Love and Light

Mary Grace