There is so much turmoil in the world and we can’t avoid it as the internet and TV allows us to be able to access the WHOLE world.  This is a large world and every second there is something happening somewhere that is considered sad or negative.  As I was growing up, we did not have access to all of that information, so in a way, we were cocooned.  What you are aware of is your world and our world was quite small although we were not aware of it.  The “bad” news was not available 24 hours a day so we could not bask or rebel in what appeared to be our world.

The world has grown so large in just a lifetime and yet is so small at the same time.  We are addicted to being in contact with another person at all times.  We are only a phone call or text away from the millions or billions of souls that are available to us through our media machines or media news. YET we are so far apart from each other in relating one to one on a personal basis.  We can be anyone we choose to be as we can play any role on the phones or computers and no one is the wiser.  Does that sound “real” to you?

Actually we humans are quite adaptive as we swing from being one personality to another so easily.  We are susceptible to so many suggestions that bombard each of us on a minute by minute basis; whether it is on the TV, the Computer or even on the billboards. Who am I in this moment?  Who are you in this moment? When I just stop and be, the record in my mind slows down and I am no one; no mom, wife, friend, sister, cousin, coworker, neighbor, daughter, housewife, nurse, doctor, teacher, shopper, diner, vacationer, etc…… How many roles do you play?  There are so many that each of us plays in a single day, in a single hour. Most of these roles are genuine and are the real us…until we turn on our devices.  Then we enter a different world. We enter worlds created by others who are attempting to sway us to their realities. Are you able to withstand these energies and still remain who you really are in your heart?  I ask myself this question as I all of a sudden come back in to my world.  Where was I?  Can you keep your world being the world you really want? I sometimes feel that the only time I am actually in the world I want is when I am quiet and still.  That is hard to do when there are so many opportunities during your day to sidetrack you.  I envy the ones who are able to remain quiet in their selves while still being in this world of variables.

Selacia offers hope and another perspective on living in these times.  I believe in hope and also in miracles, small or large. This day is rainy and cold so it feels like I have delved deep within.


Pamela Kribbe and Jeshua  give us a unique way of looking at life.


I am not against cell phones just our complete dependence on them which makes us vulnerable to others who wish to shut us down.  Remember that you are telepathic and with a little practice, phones will not be needed. Check out this news about our near future and cell phones. Won’t it be great when our phones are not dependent on outer sources?

Did you know that Lee Harris is also a singer.  This is just a teaser or a short version of what he is offering.  Check it out.


After all is said and done, the simple things are still the most powerful.  How powerful is your sight in the way you look at this world. His joy brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the small things that I take for granted.

Love and Light

Mary Grace