I have spent almost an hour looking for a particular video that really impressed me. Only…..I could not remember where I saw it. I thought it was Matt Kahn but I could not find it anywhere even in the ones I had saved.  All week I open different talks from different teachers and the ones that impress me, I save it under INSPIRING MESSAGES so then on Friday, I review that folder and let Spirit guide me to choose those which would inspire you or tickle your fancy to be in my weekly newsletter.  I finally gave up and decided to begin this newsletter with another one.  Can you guess what happened?  Yep, I stumbled upon the one I wanted all the while but it was under Spirit Library not Matt Kahn.

Anyway, this video so inspired me that it is still running around in my mind. For me, it was a total reversal of thinking that all I have to do is think “positive” thoughts and my life would be free of all challenges. Guess what the title of this video by Matt is called?  You guessed it: “Life is here to challenge all of us”.  You cannot help but smile as Matt brings his sense of humor into this serious subject. Now, I am focusing on this sudden ray of light and my heart feels lighter.  See what you think.


Love is still the answer by Jason Mraz


Do you believe in Science?  I do but I take it with a grain of salt and wait to see the proof of the statement.  I enjoy knowing what is new in our world and that which humanity is inventing only means humans have discovered what existed all along. Take a peek at this video.  Mother Nature exists in the whole of creation.

Would you like to see an act that will make your heart swell with pride at humanity’s sense of fairness?  Don’t let anyone tell you that humans are selfish at their core. Wouldn’t you like to see this spread like the wildfires in California?

I want to leave you with a smile.

These turtles believe that life starts with a smile. Check them out.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I have no excuse for this week’s newsletter to be later than usual.  I just did not want to get out of bed. My bed felt sooo good and nurturing that I just laid there a while and kept dozing off and on.  Isn’t that what days off, vacations or retirement is all about?  I just have not been able to speed up this morning.  Have you ever had one of those days?  I hope you enjoyed it and did not go into a guilt trip for not getting done all the things that you thought you shouldget done. Can I blame it on the Solar Partial Eclipse or 8-8, the Lion’s Gate.  Why am I even trying to justify it? I AM allowing it to just be whatever it is at this moment.

When I read this article, I was pleased beyond my wildest dream.  I believe in miracles and this information could classify as a miracle.  People like you and me are just not aware of what is happening in the field of energy or even understand it very well.  I am glad that there are so many scientists out there who are allowing their curiosity and intellect to work together with their creativity.  They dare to go where others fear to tread. Check out this message and allow your hope to soar that miracles do happen even if they can verify what is happening as science.

I read this article and it explained the workings of energy that follows the above article.  I am a Reiki Master and although I fully believe in the workings of the healing energy, this explained it even further so I can more easily connect the dots between faith and science.

I feel so full of good energy, it must be the permission I gave myself to allow my peace and contentment to remain after I finally got out of bed. I just want to spread the Good News so the next few articles will do just that.

Look at the size of that man’s feet in comparison to the little creature. I believe that there is communication  between us and other life forms. Do you?

Children are so pure hearted, they see only love.

Raise your glasses in celebration for this bit of Good News.

Love and Light

Mary Grace