I hope your Christmas of 2017 was the best one yet. Of course, we know that there are many surprises and some you could have done without but it would not be the season if there were not surprises along the way.

Wow, is it cold?  We have so many nights that are below zero and the day’s temperature does not go up that much.  Yet, if I had a choice between snow and the cold, I would take the cold.  The sun still shines brightening my spirits and I don’t have to shovel.  I just need to layer up or bundle up as my parents would say. Driving is also much easier as long as you have a good battery.  One of the things I allowed myself was a car starter.  I have a 2004 Rav4 and it did not have an alarm so I had one installed and I got a bonus that I did not know about. I can open the garage door and push the START button from my key chain and my car starts up and gets warm without me having to go outside.  I feel like I am spoiled as I remember so many times I had to go outside and shovel before I could get to my car.  My garage in one of my extravagances that I treasure.

It has been so cold and I was wondering when the ice fisherman were going to get out on the lake.  It is wise not to go out on the ice until you see the fishermen out there.  They make a hole with a saw and can tell how thick the ice is.  Two days ago, there were two fishermen out there and today there are about 5.  They are out there without even the shelter that I see many fishermen use. That is dedication to their sport.

I think we deserve a laugh to open our hearts and heads that have been frozen due to the cold.  Since I am a senior, I laugh even harder as I know I have been in a  situation  like this with my computer and TV.

I know that this gathering was done in 2009 yet we can now see that it was  effective.  Perhaps we could all do it again, anyone up to the task?  It was 156 countries then, how many can we get now to join and get this message out: “All you need is Love”. This is truly all you need and a great way to start the New Year. Let’s spread this far and wide and watch it go viral on social media.

Do these two little girls know  something  we adults don’t?  My New Year’s wish is that all of us believe what they are telling us.  After all, It has only been a short while these two souls (or should I say one soul?) were with God, Source or whatever you call the Creator.

A message from Archangel Michael that sets the tone for the New Year.  Listen up and be gentle with yourself, you deserve it and your gentleness will spread all over the planet.

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are steps that you can take to make sure your year begins on the right purrfect foot. Anything that begins with laughter is definitely creative, new and on the  purrfectly  right path.

Love and Light