I have been checking into this Ancient Healing Plant to find an organic source of the CBD Oil and I found it. Ana Maria Vasquez not only has her own farm in Colorado but she is also capable and willing to help with the dosing.  She is a fountain of information and is willing to share all she knows with you.  Here is a Q & A session replay with her.

BONUS Q&A Call with Ana Maria

Our Ancient Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Connection with the Cannabis Plant

Are you familiar with the Lion’s Gate that we just went through?  I never knew it was so powerful and what a great opportunity as we have another week to utilize all of its gifts.  Celia Fenn is very knowledgeable and explains it so clearly that even with my scant knowledge of star info, I could digest it.

What a fabulous invention.  Just think no more dumps or trash on the side of the road.  Take a peek and see what is coming next and how we will all be able to breathe much better now.

Eckhart Tolle shared a few different views that I did not realize.  Listen and see if it was me or did he actually expose some realities that I was not aware of?

Now everyone can have a house plant to clear the air and make us smile as we watch life growing.  I usually overwater or underwater my plants so this is meant for people like me.  My mom could make plants come back to life after they had died.  She passed on this gift to my three children yet completely bypassed me.  What will be creativity bring us next?  A PLANTER.

Love and Light



Happy spring, here is someone who really shows his pleasure with a happy dance.

I have had my stem cell procedure in both knees and both hands.  I am recuperating so I will keep this short. I hope we all see more of these clinics, hurray for the human race.

Have you looked outside lately, we have a super special full moon which is breathtaking and its message is awe inspiring.

Celebrate the Equinox.

Is the past polarity finally leaving us?

Love and Light

Mary Grace



“Good News Network” sent me their weekly “good News” and there just too many to choose from to only pick one to send you. I decided I am going to send you these videos and stories chronologically which will give you a deeper understanding and love of life and all of its journeys along the way. Being human is such a blessing which allows you to feel and live all of the amazingly different perspectives that life offers. These are experiences that you cannot be aware of when you are in spirit form. You need a human body, mind and heart to get all the gifts that awaits you from birth to transitioning back to the Source of All That Is, God.

Let’s begin with being celebrated just for being born and incarnating on this beautiful planet.

I resonate with both the toddler and the senior as I have been both.

There are special moments even during the teen years.

You meet many people who inspire you along the way.

I had lunch with a few former co-workers a couple of days ago and learned something I was not aware of. My wish is to be cremated and not be buried. I do not want my children’s inheritance to have to pay to keep up my cemetery plot and I have the belief that the land on earth is for the living. I was thrilled when the funeral directors were finally allowed to cremate you in a cardboard box rather than burning the expensive coffin that you were forced to buy. I do not want an expensive urn either. I came from Earth and to Earth I wish to return. Now there is another wonderful change. I can prepay my burial with all the instructions that I want followed and it is guaranteed to be honored by funeral homes no matter where I am living at that time. So… no airline costs or transportation costs to pay for either. My children will not need to make decisions when their hearts are grieving. I will know more once I start the exploration of this feature but I think it is such a fantastic idea. Here is another fantastic idea which will bring more life to the planet.

I live in Wales but Wales, Massachusetts. This article really impressed me as this is what life on Earth was meant to be….for the living. PS. I don’t think I would like to consciously live to be that old in a human body but this tree really impressed me.

I do not wish this to be somber newsletter. It is my wish that you enjoy each moment as it comes and love your humanity which is a great gift. How do you feel when you start recounting your memories? Don’t those memories bring back joy and especially smiles for that particular occasion when you share those memories with those you love? Pictures of the past even those of a few days ago, bring a special remembrance and perspective of what you experienced. But…don’t live in the past, enjoy this time now.

Love and Light

Mary Grace