I just listened to this recording by Patricia Diane Cota Robles.  There is so much food for thought that I need more time to assimilate what she brought forth.  It sounds and feels like truth so I need to give more time to bring it into my brain, it is already in my heart. See what you think. How did we lose the flow of God’s abundance?

After reading the above, TAKE A DEEP BREATH.  It really helps and is a long held secret of being one with life.

Don’t you feel better now? I bet you smiled.  It sometimes takes a child to teach us adults a thing or two. I know I have learned more by being a parent than I have taught. Fellow humans keep surprising me daily with their innovations. Who would have thought to do this and it goes viral.

We just celebrated our independence two weeks ago yet this is a version I never thought of before.  What do you think?

When I hear this song, I cannot help but smile, clap my hands and dance to the music even if it is in a chair. I want to leave you feeling HAPPY.

Love and Light

Mary Grace