I am sure that no one who is alive in the US this week is unaware of the historical moment of the Pope’s visit. I, for one, am so grateful to be alive to witness such a significant event in our country and in our world. I am also grateful for the technology we have even if it is my nemesis. I was and am able to record all of the TV coverage of this monumental occasion. I only wish that the TV Guide would have updated its guide so I would know which channel to record. So…..I am recording only two of the channels that appear to be offering the most coverage.

A nearby college opened its cafeteria to the public so we could view the Pope’s address to Congress on a large screen and then stay for the discussions afterward. It was an opportunity that my scooter afforded me as the campus is large. Not being familiar with the campus, I figured there would be a lot of walking to get to the right place and I was right. I am so grateful for the opportunities that the scooter affords me and guess what? I had my own seat so I had a ring side view. Since the Pope is only a year older than me, I admire him for learning a new language, English. I don’t believe I could do that. As I listened to him, I realized that I could not decipher much of his speech due to the accent he has. I enjoyed watching though, especially his right hand which was so expressive.

After the address to Congress, there was a discussion where people could ask questions of the presiders of which there were four, three men and one woman (doesn’t that ratio seem to be the order of the day?) who each gave a brief synopsis of what they garnered from the talk. Afterwards, the floor was open for questions which were great because we got perceptions from different people. After all the questions were done, I raised my hand. They brought me the mike and I talked a little about my reaction to the Pope and I raised the fact that I had missed a lot because I was unable to understand a lot of words. Would there be a way that I could get a written copy of his address? Right away, one of the presiders, the priest, said: “Mary just wait until after we are done here and I will be able to get you a written copy of his speech”. I was flabbergasted and I teased him about miracles. Many people came up to me afterward, thanking me for having the courage to state that I had not understood because of his accent. Many people went home with the talk in print and was told how to get it from the internet. Fr Warren Savage sent it to me by email just in case(hehe) that I would not be able to find it myself. I think he is a mind reader. If you are interested: google The Holy See, click on travel, 2015, outside Italy and you will see the ad for the Pope’s address. This is for people who are comfortable with the technology and want to know more than just this particular address and if not, I will add the link below.

When I got home, I found the Pope’s address on the TV and I started to listen to it again, hoping to be able to understand him better. I had an AHA moment. Why not print out the written one that was emailed to me and read it while I listened and watched the Pope? It was fantastic and I got the real meaning behind much of what I had missed. I so enjoyed it as it seemed new to me. I am going to give you that link just in case you would you like to read what was actually said.

I was so engrossed in watching the recordings of the goings on of the Pope that I forgot to go to the farm and pick up my beef. We set the date for this morning. On my way to the farm, one of those idiot lights (I call it that) lit up and said :”Maint Reqd” While I am driving to the farm, I kept surrendering this concern and placed it in the hands of the Masters. I KNOW THAT ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER. I had ordered hamburg but neglected to say hamburg patties. I did not realize the error until I went to put the meat in the freezer. Uggh! When I got back, I called my mechanic in kind of a panic (although I was peaceful inside). He is closed on Saturday and Sunday and I am leaving Monday on a trip to NY to see John of God so I am trying to figure out how to fit all of this in. My mechanic said not to worry, it does not mean my car is unsafe and when I had the time, I could stop by and he would reset the light for me. He knows my car in and out as I am methodical about taking care of my car.

A technician from Home Depot was scheduled to come at 2 PM to check out my door and then my son called and was coming up with my grandson. We were going to go for lunch when they got here so I would be home for two and then I got a call from the Tech asking if he could come at noon as he had a cancellation. I am writing this to you in between all the busyness but may not be able to finish it until after my son and grandson leave. Is your day going like that? The energy has been profound and it is no accident that the love that was so freely given by the Pope to all of humanity comes at this junction of our earthly sojourn. Here are explanations of what is going on. Be peaceful, it all turns out right side up.

An answer to the refugee crisis. All people have a spark of God in them including those who are quite wealthy. What an example he is.

Who says that humans are selfish? Another example and this time, female. It is in balance.

I just had to add one more. You might have seen this already because it has gone viral but she astounds me. Out of the mouths of babes. She must be an old soul that has come back to earth with all of her wisdom at her disposal.

Love and Light

Mary Grace