I just returned yesterday from a cruise to Bermuda. This was after there was a direct hit to the tiny island. On the way, the water gave us a lot of swaying yet the island was minimally damaged. Just some trees that were still down but the only thing that seemed to affect us tourists was the offered activity of snorkeling. The hurricane stirred up the water so the fish were harder to see and I think many fish had not come back out of hiding yet. My wonderful roommate, Joyce, did the snorkeling and remarked on it.

It was a fabulous cruise which even offered bumper cars. Do you remember them? Even though the waiting line went three quarters around the room, each person either watching or out on the floor in the cars were smiling. What an experience just to see everybody laughing and smiling. The kids loved to be able to drive themselves if they were at least eight years old but even the young ones with a parent beside them were joyful. Of course, I went on them and it brought memories of these bumper cars when I was young. Who would believe that a huge ship, Anthem of the Seas, would have bumper cars?

The food was so good that I gained 4 pounds in 4 days. What a treat not to have shop for the food, cook the food or clean up after yourself. Being a Celiac, after dinner I got to see the next day menu so I could pick what I wanted and they would make sure that it was gluten free. I had lobster tail, filet mignon, prime beef and salmon and dessert especially crème boulet gluten free. They had at least 6 hot tubs which is one of my very favorite things to do. The shows were fantastic; one of which had people coming from the ceiling and also from below the floor.

The only I missed the most was the quiet or silence. There is music playing everywhere and with 5,000 people, the noise level of the people talking was much higher than normal. It is like being at a party for 4 days straight and isn’t that what a cruise is all about. I did notice one small area on one of the decks that was so much quieter but I never found out why. It was so obviously less noisy when you got to that space that you really noticed.

I even got to join a tour around the whole island which was made especially for the handicapped. Our guide was so savvy and that bus being smaller than the larger tour buses, we were able to travel down streets that they could not go on so we were able to see more of Bermuda. We were only docked for two days so if we were to go back, there is still much more to see.

I laughed at the people with sea legs because as I was sitting on my scooter most of the time, guess what got the sea experience? In fact, today I still feel like I am on the water. I am experiencing the waves and the feeling that I am still on board the ship is more prevalent when I sit or close my eyes. It is nice to carry the cruise experience with you for so long. There was more activity that occurred but I am sharing only the highlights.

This is a favorite saying of me to me. When things get too chaotic, it is very calming because it is truth. Such as when the beginning of my journey to the cruise ship had many setbacks and the bus was delayed by people who were late and even after we set off, two suitcases had been left behind so we needed to wait again before we could begin. Some were upset but knowing All is Well, calmed me as I realized at a deeper level that there was a very good reason for the delay even though I did not know what that was, perhaps we avoided a serious accident by not being in the exact place we were expected to be at a particular time. Whatever, we arrived at our destination safely and all was well. I also use a shorter version and say Oh Well to myself when something is happening that I did not expect or choose.

Before you are a grandma, you are a mom. Notice how important you are to these women in your life.

I bet there are thousands of stories like this during and after the hurricane. Isn’t humanity a treasure to behold.

Another example of human ingenuity. See how love triumphs no matter what. I love stories that make me smile.

An opportunity to experience a life class with the Archangels. I know that we all have angels that make our life experiences much smoother and the Archangels are also with us. I have not read it through but I intend to.

Love and Light

Mary Grace