This is a month where we have been brought face to face with our fears or anything that is ready to be released so we can have peace. For me, so many occurrences have been happening with my home.  First, I found water under my bow window causing the hard wood floor to show the effects of water.  Where it is coming from I don’t know and I am waiting for the person I hope will be able to find the answer and remedy.  Then my garage roof is leaking and it has been for a while as part of the floor is slanted.  Part of roof has a lot of mold growing on it.  Then my kitchen faucet’s stream of water slowed down so that has to be looked at.  I got an email that my cell phone service was discontinued, yet my phone is still working????  My Roman shade developed a cord that was being stripped by raising it up and down so I leave it up all the time now. I need to find someone that fixes that problem or get a new shade. When the man who did my yearly checkup on my tight tank finished his regular round, he did not hook up the hose from the dehumidifier to the sub pump and I could not physically get down in my crawl space to fix it so I have not been running my dehumidifier.   I have been handling all of these events of the past 2 weeks without reacting. I surprised myself as I had given that intent.

My beloved computer geek, webmaster, artist, healer, Barry Costa came to visit me last night with his 13 year old son, Anthony.  They are going to stay for a couple days and it is so good to see them.  The night before they came, I was watching TV when I saw this little dark figure scurry around the corner from my living room into the kitchen and hallway.  What Now?  I presumed it was a mouse but I had seen no signs of it being around. I checked all my food and that was OK.  It was 11:15pm when this happened so I decided to wait until tomorrow morning to figure this one out.  I went to bed and when IT started scratching, I just said in a loud voice: “I want to sleep tonight so be quiet.” To my amazement, it stopped and I was able to fall asleep.  The next morning I set up a Have a Heart trap hoping to catch the little critter before my company came the next day.  No luck, so I had to tell Barry and Anthony that they were sharing a house with a mouse so that they would not be surprised.  Embarrassment!  Anthony reset the trap and Voila, the little mouse decided to take the bait.

Barry fixed my dehumidifier in my crawl space, took off the wrapping around my tree for the prevention of gypsy moths and made us all breakfast of blueberry pancakes and eggs.  What a treat that was. He also gave the little critter a ride to another home while he was on his way to visit with former coworkers in Connecticut. He is going to check out my sink and my roman shade.  I am getting spoiled and the things are being handled without me even getting upset.  What a lesson this has been in patience and also belief that all will be handled at the right time. Having wonderful company and have my breakfast made for me with company at my table to boot, now you know why I am even much later with this newsletter than I have ever been.

The energy has been very powerful this month and it is actually a gift of opportunities for us so that we may vibrate at a much higher frequency.  The gifts are still coming especially with the Solar Eclipse on Monday.  Here is something interesting facts from Shelley Dressel about this time. It also verifies what has been happening to me. What is on your list?


Another good article on the power of the Solar Eclipse  from Selacia


What with all of the emotional damage occurring with all of the fighting among all the groups, this group is offering a way to ease the hate and anger found in some people.  These are voices of experience  that can connect their own experience of being white supremacists and all that goes with it.  Perhaps we can help them help our country and the world by spreading this to our government officials so their funding can be augmented. OR…start a fund where others can donate so their good work can continue.

Our veterans are being affected most by all of this display of agreeing with the very people that they fought against to protect  ALL Americans and even those from different countries.  It is heartwarming to see some gratitude being shown to them.

Before you start soaking your next batch of beans, you will want to check out these four reasons why you might want to avoid soaking.


Love and Light

Mary Grace