BRRR, I turned my heat on this morning.  There is no sun to warm up my house and it feels damp.  I am so grateful that I am not in Florida or anywhere this unusual hurricane Dorian is showing her face. I am very aware of what it means to be on the water and my heart goes out to all who are affected.  Our world, our earth is made up of contradictions.  Water is so necessary for our planet and for us but ANYTHING healthy or not that is in excess is dangerous. We have both sides of every physical or mental emotion going on at the very same time in different parts of our space.  It amazes me that it doesn’t even have to be far away from us.  When the tornado hit my area, it went right around my town but affected all the towns around me.  There is no rhyme or reason to it, but it is the truth. We are the Planet of Duality.

Here is an example of what I am trying to say.  Water is necessary and can be exhilarating but imagine if you never had seen an ocean or actually know or experience the joy of it. There is also joy that we can share with those that have no idea what an ocean is.

The older I get, the funnier this scenario is.

The number 3 has always been a special number to me but I did not know why.  Kari Samuels gives a short but explicit reason why it is.  See if it touches you.

When I first saw this picture, my assumption  was wrong.  On the media there is so much about the harassment of blacks by whites that I ASSUMED with no forethought the wrong explanation.  Then I looked again and thought of what a great example this picture was of just humans helping humans.

Wouldn’t you say the roles were reversed in this case?  The senior was helping the younger man rather than vice versa. These types of stories warm my heart and give me reason to continue to believe in the whole human race.

Wouldn’t you like every teacher to read this?  What a future generation could be alive on this planet if they did.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace